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Saturday, March 17, 2012

814) Suzanne for President ?!!

So ... What if Suzanne Thabet (wife of ousted president) decided to run for president of Egypt in 2012 Elections?

Before you say no way, tell me what can keep her from running?
- Felol? Shafik the Super felol is running..
- Age? She is 71, younger than many candidates..
- Gender? other females are already running..
- Accusations? Nothing official, she is officially "clean"..
- Experience? No one has more "experience" than her ..
- Populairty? "Mubarak Sons group" are hers too !
In addition she is the pioneer of El Kera2aa lel gamee3 (Reading for all), so she can handle El Bara2a lel gamee3 and El Re2asa lel gamee3 (Presidency for all)

So seriously, what keeps Morgana from running supported by Ali Baba and the 40 thieves in Torah?!



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practically, nothing can stop her, especizlly that the dostor is stopped. Elekhwan might request her to wear hijab, and i dont thinkmshe would refuse.
All i can say here is rabena yostor 3ala masr, we yakhodhom kollohom. I am positive that Allah wont allow further injustice for us. He was waiting for us to move, znd we did.isa he will not leave us.