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Thursday, March 1, 2012

811) Women of Glass !

I once read in an old book of philosophy that women are like a chip of transparent glass that you can see through if you were keen on wiping it off carefully. This piece of glass if was really clean you will see your reflection within as if it is hidden there inside.  If you broke it someday it would be hard to get it back in place, and even if u managed to, there will always be clear scars that will hurt you every time you pass your hand on.

Women indeed have their touch and fingerprint on men's lives.  Sometimes a painful one but mostly the complete opposite. Everyday that passes I realize how much I do need a caring woman in my life.. I cant deny that no matter how much work I do or success I achieve in life, there is always that hollow feeling that hunts me specially when I am back home whether alone or with family. I do realize that a man is never in balance without a caring woman in his life. 

إنت مش إنت من غير ست



Anonymous said...

the words are true, however i would put it for both genders.
Life is not easy when you are "on your own", whether missing a woman or a man, the clue is "a caring" someone. caring people are very very rare these days, making the only possible alternative is to be on your own.
another heartbreak is simply unaffordable.

relax and wait for a caring lady to appear in your life isA.
But if you find her, dont let go.

NAMES said...

You are always surprising me when you talk about woman and her affect in your life, you just put a big smile on my face :)

The reality is that a woman and a man are important in each others life because no one can exist without the other. and we are biologically built to have each other as part of our existence....when Allah created Adam it wasn't complete until he created Eve. we need each other to survive and it was a way to create a bond between two genders and only Allah who knows the right time to strengthen this bond.

Men as they age don't like being alone, they need a balance and a companion of a woman to fill their lives and to have a family. That is why a majority of men are in a constant search of their future partners to have a family someday or to simply to have someone to live with. Women play a huge importance in society but in reality Men and Women are important in each others survival.

Men & women can love many things in their life but when it comes to love each other nothing can be compared to it coz the desire to have each other is much more important to create a lifetime bond.'

Care is essential and integral to our lives, but unless is more equally shared between both "women and men".

keep up the will and you will get what you are looking for ISA :)

ibhog said...

I think the first one who used the simile was our Prophet, peace be upon him.

Nice post .. and ..

welcome back! :)

ibhog said...

I think the first one to use this simile is our Prophet, peace be upon him.

Nice post, and ..

welcome back! :)

Mohaly said...

enta eli welcome back

Enas said...

nice post

Mohaly said...

غدا على البلوج: يا واد يا مؤمن

Karma said...

Fist, allow me Maryam to disagree with you. Being on your own is actually much easier than being with someone. I am not saying "better", I am only saying "easier".

Second, I can't help but see a general selfishness in everybody needing someone to fill in the gaps of what they are not currently having(love, care, company, ... you name it).

Reading this post, I only see a big ME, and all that comes with it (MY life, MY success, MY achievements, MY feelings) and then ending with someone to care about ME..

Why we don't think about what we strive to give but rather what we strive to get?

Just a thought ..

Mohaly said...

Karma, excuse me but this is MY personal blog where I talk about MYself, MY Feelings, and MY Thoughts. If you see this selfish then it is totally fine with ME.

As for Maryam, I think she is totally right.

Karma said...

I am not offending anyone here. I am sharing a thought which your post triggered.. And I never said you were selfish. I am reflecting on all of us human beings including myself (which is why I used we and not you).
And disagreeing with someone is perfectly okay I guess, I thought your blog encourages dialogue so I don't understand why you are taking it personal.
If we will only embrace the comments that flirts with our ego and reject the ones that don't without giving ourselves the chance to at least reflect on them for a moment between ourselves, then I don't know what a dialogue means.

Mohaly said...

Karma, if you are a good follower of the blog you will find that I do have an open space for discussion, criticizing and sometimes being offensive.
But why I am taking it personally this time coz it sounds as such.

Karma said...

well it's not : )

Anonymous said...

" Everyday that passes I realize how much I do need a caring woman in my life ... there is always that hollow feeling that hunts me specially when I am back home whether alone or with family ... A man is never in balance without a caring woman in his life. "
و ياترى بقى لاقيت الى مليت عليك وحدك ولا لسه ;)

Mohaly said...

was an illusion

Anonymous said...

"Illusion" as a word starts with "ill" thats what love made & it developed to "us" i.e love's illness gather two beloved hearts ...when they are two, they are ONE...search again till you find ....

Anonymous said...

وسترجع يوما يا ولدى
مهزوما مكسور الوجدان
وستعرف بعد رحيل العمر
بأنك كنت تطارد خيط دخان
فحبيبة قلبك ليس لها
ارض او وطن او عنوان