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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

816) El Kella El Mondassa El 3alamy El Kawny !

Today marks the 1st anniversary of “El Kella El Mondassa El Masry El Araby El 3alamy El Kawny” of Facebook. When I established this group I wasn’t thinking it will be as big as it is now (more than 1000 member), as it was mainly a direct reaction for the Referendum results and feeling that we are really a minority. But since then it played a big role in securing, reinforcing, and releasing the feelings and thoughts of its members, especially that it is a closed group that doesn’t allow anyone in except through invitation. I cant deny that it affected the amount of writing here on the blog, but I am getting back to normal rate lately.

The group is a social-liberal group that welcomes all those interested in developing the country without certain dogmatic ideology specially the “fallen” corrupted regime supporters and those for the Religious country or Military role. The group is always fighting to keep it this way. However, it succeed in attracting a different array of people whether in age, experience, location, gender, religion…etc that very much enriched the discussions and guided our thinking.

In its 1st anniversary I would like to thank the members – specially the active ones & the admins, and they know themselves :) - who had a great impact on me throughout this year and helped me pass through very hard times specially the period between Mohamed Mahmoud incidents till Port-Said, and they are still giving me support, hope, and sometimes fun as well... A Vitual Family :)



I am asking all those interested and see themselves matching with the criteria to join us at http://www.facebook.com/groups/200114613345308/?bookmark_t=group


Gogo14158 said...

Happy anniversary ya Mohaly

بلاش دوشه said...

kol sana we7na tayebeen ya doc i'm really happy that i was one of the group members we 3o2bal el million member :D

Mohaly said...

ya rab dayman :)))