-------- "This is the time for action not only words, use your God given gifts to develop this country, dont be afraid to speak up, and feel PROUD THAT U R EGYPTIAN." -------- Mohaly, Feb 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

794) The Pursuit of Happiness !!

In 2006, Will Smith has starred in a really deep and great movie called "The Pursuit of Happiness". What I liked most about the movie is the the ability of its main characters to seek happiness and have the faith that they will get it in-spite of the challenges that keep facing ...  I have noticed that many people - including myself- are tending to go either worried or even pessimistic because of the continous stress of bad news and stupid actions and reactions in Egypt. So I decided to post this simple video that gives you quick tips for happiness. Just try some and it really makes a difference... Please let's re-enjoy our lives in order to be able to continue .. It seems that there is still a longer way to go and we need to equip ourselves with peace of mind..

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

793) This is Your Life !

I wonder why people just can't - really can't- leave people alone or stop being nosy to unbearable extent.

I remember I have read a email saying "If you are single, they ask about a fiancé.When you have a fiancé,they ask for a wedding. When you get married,they ask for children.Once you have one,they ask for another.if u get divorced,they ask why.If you try to start Your life again,they ask why so quickly."

People never like what you do, and you can live your life only once, so you'd better live your own experience with all its ups and downs.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

792) Egypt Revolution .. Aybak howa Aktay !

Without introduction ... I am now totally convinced that we are in a big fake drama, and we have wasted 7 months (11 Feb -11 Sept) of our lives in big fat black joke. The only reality was the 18 days (25/1-11/2), after that I feel it was just "film hendy", just like Sept. 11th where today marks its 10th memory.

Let's recall what happened from the beginning:
- On Jan 25th, they tried to get people home through water hoses, and tear gas... It didn't work.
- On Jan 26th, they tried to terrify people through media ... It didn't work.
- On Jan 27th, they cut off communication ... and it didn't work..
- On Jan 28th, they killed and injured people... and it didn't work (made people stronger)..
- On Jan 29th they appointed a VP and changed the Cabinet... it didn't matter.
- On Jan 30th they tried to terrify the people at home and streets... and it made people more determined..
- On Feb 1st they tried to play emotional, and it didn't have the enough impact.
- On Feb 2nd they tried to get us back to dark ages, and we have beaten them...
- On Feb 5th they canceled "El Tawreeth" and it didn't matter then..
- On Feb 8th they tried to compromise... and as if they have said nothing..
- On Feb 10th they tried to delegate power and give promises ... and people ignored them..
- On Feb 11th they moved power to the SCAF as a last resort ... and it worked, and people went home :(

That was the biggest strategic mistake in the history of the Revolution... I have to admit that we were wrong when we went home on Feb 11th, we should have stayed there for another week or two till Mubark men were caught, protesters killers were busted, and a clear timeline is agreed upon for the transitional period. Since then we have been paying the price of not staying there, and each single win came through a struggle with SCAF at first, and then with Islamists, and now with half of the Egyptian People!

I am afraid that Tahrir protests started to be meaningless to SCAF now, we need to think about different strategies to save this revolution that goes along with Tahrir... What I am really sure of is that at a certain level of disappointment and despair, a real 2nd wave of revolution happens, and this time it wont definitely be "Peaceful" as those who will make it will be only demanding one thing ... Taking over power in Egypt in order to be able to apply what others couldn't... and then no one knows how the struggle will look like!

Yaa Raaab ..


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

791) 7al el Fawazeer?!!!

You have been missed. Sorry for the longest blog break ever, but I was burnt out, and needed to stop writing for a while... I am back to my weekly posts and wondering about the solution for this year tough Fawazeer Ramadan... so would you help me in finding an answer to the following?

1) Why does Mubarak and his sons act as if nothing has happened?
2) Why was "Felool" all over Ramadan Programs?
3) How was Amr Mostafa brought up?
4) Adopting Mostafa's Thoery: What is the hidden message "CotoNil Boxers" ad wants to deliver?
5) What really happened in London?
6) Who did climb the Israli Embassy building?
7) Was there a "Laylat Kadr" this year? Why did the sun shine in all sunrises?!
8) Why did no.2 "Charity" won the Pepsi contest and not "Education"?
9) What has happened in Jeddah Airport & Why?
10) Why did we celebrate Eid in the last day of Ramadan (Zo7al day)?

If you have an answer to any or all of the questions, please post it here in the comments page, and we will win our enlighmnet, as it seems that "El Mowaten X" has been fooled by "El Kebeer Awy" and is retreating to "El Shaware3 el Khalfeya".

On a more serious note; my one and only question to the SCAF: 
"Do you really believe that Egypt is going in the right direction and to the position it deserves?" 
P.S. It is a Yes or No question... not although, but, if, ...etc.


Next Week: The Egyptian Revolution .. 3andena Drama Mesh 2ay Drama..!