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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

791) 7al el Fawazeer?!!!

You have been missed. Sorry for the longest blog break ever, but I was burnt out, and needed to stop writing for a while... I am back to my weekly posts and wondering about the solution for this year tough Fawazeer Ramadan... so would you help me in finding an answer to the following?

1) Why does Mubarak and his sons act as if nothing has happened?
2) Why was "Felool" all over Ramadan Programs?
3) How was Amr Mostafa brought up?
4) Adopting Mostafa's Thoery: What is the hidden message "CotoNil Boxers" ad wants to deliver?
5) What really happened in London?
6) Who did climb the Israli Embassy building?
7) Was there a "Laylat Kadr" this year? Why did the sun shine in all sunrises?!
8) Why did no.2 "Charity" won the Pepsi contest and not "Education"?
9) What has happened in Jeddah Airport & Why?
10) Why did we celebrate Eid in the last day of Ramadan (Zo7al day)?

If you have an answer to any or all of the questions, please post it here in the comments page, and we will win our enlighmnet, as it seems that "El Mowaten X" has been fooled by "El Kebeer Awy" and is retreating to "El Shaware3 el Khalfeya".

On a more serious note; my one and only question to the SCAF: 
"Do you really believe that Egypt is going in the right direction and to the position it deserves?" 
P.S. It is a Yes or No question... not although, but, if, ...etc.


Next Week: The Egyptian Revolution .. 3andena Drama Mesh 2ay Drama..!


Mohaly said...

My trial in answering the questions:

1) Coz it seems that nothing has changed.
2) To reproduce Mubarak regime.
3) That is still subject to extensive scientific research.
4) That Mubarak and Tantawy are 2 ... in one boxer.
5) Something that proves that we were not executing a foreign agenda and we do have morals.
6) The Israeli Ambassador.
7) It is 2011, anything can happen.
8) coz we are short sighted and used to shehata.
9) Estehbal se3oudy we takahzol masry .. shehata bardo.
10) see no.9.

NAMES said...

My answers are "egtahadat sha5sya":)

1- They have no blood.
2- They are free and they don't have work ba3d ma abohom ta5ala 3anhom.
3- In his childhood he drank marijuana instead of milk.
4- External agendas intended to destabilize the "internal" situation of the country.
5- just a Fire drill & a siren test
6- Ahmed El shahat...I trust him.
7- Ramadan et5ataf menena men 3'ir ma ne7s.
8- Coz they don't want to invest any money in the education here. they know very well it will become a weapon against them. homa mesh a3'bya.
9- E3feny to answer this question. 3ashan ha3'lat :)
10- Coz kaddafy has the remote control of the planets and he was playing we mezawed el gor3a in that night :)

My answer for the last question after what happened yesterday is Nooooooooo.

Mohaly said...

good ones names

morsi said...

1-There is anything happened asln? (yama fl 7bs mzaleem bs hma wsqeen mn 3dl rabena w en el 7aq 7yzhr....:D)
2- Cause people always like watching wired creatures.
3- I think we can ask Qadafy about Amr Mostafa…
4- No answer after ur answer Doc.
5- Their share from 2011…
6- Someone is used climbing buildings.
7- Ramdan z3lan mn eli bn3melo fi Msr..Msr aslha 3zeema fi el sh2n 3nd rabena w zleela 3nd kteer mn el sh3b.
8- 3shan el fostan el bmby..(walahi bgd)
9- 2lt adb.
10- Coz Ramdan decided to escape this year…

Last Question…NOOOOOO

Anonymous said...

welcome back and you have been missed too. It is ok to take a break whenever it is needed to "recharge your battery" and come back in a healthy way.

as for your questions, I will try to answer the ones i could think of:
1-i keep wondering about that too, all i wish is that they are not sure of their being declared innocent for lack of evidence. this is the only explanation i could think of.
3- he is amazing, i have to admit :)
4- to be honest, everytime it was on TV, i blushed, for i dont understand how such an ad is possible besara7ah.ya3ni, speechless
5- dont know what you are referring to.
6- i dont know who did it, however it shows that we are getting tooo suspicious about everything, which makes ppl play with our minds too easily.
7- there was for sure.وعد الله حق لا يمكن الشك فيه.
8-was hoping for education too, but charity isnt bad anyway, if it is true and not just an ad :)
however it indicates that ppl still underestimate the importance of education and still think that cloths are more imprtant. i dont say that they are not important. we cant judge what ppl really need if we dont know them in person. as a member of Resala from it's start, i know that some just NEED cloths, and there is nothing to be done about that. so let's appreciate the gesture from the company and look for another way to support education :)
9- what i dont know, but why, is the same like every year and every incident with egyptians and gulfians. no respect or "a price" for an egyptian citizen there.both parties are mostly guilty, lel asaf.
10-leave this to whoever has decided it is the eid, it could be true afterall.

haven't watched any of the series, sorry, cant comment on this part.

NO. but we are allowed a few years of "loosing sight" after that hopefully a clear vision would gradually take place.

lets hope and work for the best of our country.

welcome back again :)

Mohaly said...

Thanks Mariam :)

P.S. Referring London Riots

Anonymous said...

a very short reply. appreciated tab3an, but why not a detailed one commenting on what i wrote to keep the conversation going on?
even if you dont agree or like what i wrote??

Mohaly said...

length of the comment means nothing, and see my previous comments in this post same length.

p.s. I only dont agree about no.3

NAMES said...

Thanks ya Dr.

Is it possible to have another chance to re-answer the last question :) bas law hay2sar 3ala el natega balash :) :)

Today I got a feeling that Egypt is going in the right direction and to the position it deserves and our revolution will be completed ISA.

So my answer will be YES.

Ma3lehsh ba2a we have to change our opinions according to the last updates and circumstances :).

Anonymous said...

what i meant is not physical length of a comment. I meant the conversation and discussion of each commdnt with other members, which is a benefit or all of us. I noticed in earlier posts, like 2 years ago a spirit that i dont find here.this is what i was referring to.
You ddnt say waht u disagree with in point no. 3 :-)

Mohaly said...

@names: yes u can.

@maryam: spirit still there, but depends on the nature of the post.. this post is Q&A to know the opinions, next post coming up on 11/9 is more augmentative.
No.3, he is an airhead or beyesta3bat.