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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

793) This is Your Life !

I wonder why people just can't - really can't- leave people alone or stop being nosy to unbearable extent.

I remember I have read a email saying "If you are single, they ask about a fiancé.When you have a fiancé,they ask for a wedding. When you get married,they ask for children.Once you have one,they ask for another.if u get divorced,they ask why.If you try to start Your life again,they ask why so quickly."

People never like what you do, and you can live your life only once, so you'd better live your own experience with all its ups and downs.


Anonymous said...

or endless questions about family, home, your income, your car, etc from someone.
makes me want to scream, but have to politely answer :(

well, imagine the case of a single lady :). add to your questions pittying looks and hidden acusations :)
or the famous remark "how come someone of your beauty didn't marry till now. heya elregala 3emiou?"
Generally, people are not only nosy about this subject. you have a new car leih, what was wrong with your old one? and inbetween brackets "you have sooo much money to waste????"
if you dont replace your broken car with a new one it is: "why being so greedy while she can afford it? omal someone in my case what should i do? I have to pay school fees. etc.

funny sometimes, hurting most of the times, stupid all times.
3adi, maybe you should get used to it and go on with your life :)

Mohaly said...

ana badeeha sarma... u cant imagine how blunt i became when it comes to such stuff..

the other day my cousin was wondering why didnt i change my car for 8 years, and how come a dr at auc with rest of posts i have drive an old car...

the weird thing is that I was never wow about driving or even drive the car (I make about 500 kms per month).. so why does he insist?! I was blunt enough to say that he wants to reflect my image on his or else he should have got the new car himself.

with marriage it gets even worse.. I became like a wonded tiger, just waiting for someone to start the broken record, and I just make him or her regret sitting even close to me.

I am turning to be agressive the more people insist on not advising but trying to force me to do what that want...

Anonymous said...

wallahi ya Dr. Mohamed things are managable somehow when it comes from people of my age. like in your case keda cousins.
but when it comes from old relatives: uncles, aunts, etc. I can't be blunt, aggressive or anything but polite and patient enough not to scream. the broken records appear on ever pleasant occasion to destroy it. eid, a wedding, etc.: 3o2balek lama nefra7 biky. yalla ba2a shedy 7elik. nefsy afra7 biky ya benti 2abl ma amout. etc.they don't mean it bad, and i dont like to bite instantly. but they dont know how much it hurts to be accused of something i didnt committ. i didnt committ a crime by being single. i have just chosen to choose my life partner carefully.

yesterday a colleague was telling me about sharing in a gam3eiah. i refused bc i already pay the installments for my car.
فقالت لي: يا بنتي حوشي في جمعية أحسن ما تصرفيهم في أي كلام مادام مافيش وراكي أي التزامات. أمال لو كان وراكي مصاريف مدارس و أكل و لبس كنت عملت ايه؟
sometimes i fall completely silent, bc if i say a word i will insult that person. i dont like insulting people. it makes me feel as bad as they are. but i wanted to tell her that what she calls a burden, she wouldnt trade for all money of the world.one of her three healthy kids.
لو قلت كده يبقى باحسد أولادها. بس كنت عايزة أقولها ان ربنا بيوزع الارزاق و النصيب حسب حكمة يعلمها هو و لا ندركها نحن بعقولنا الانسانية.
the wounded tigress in me falls silent when she is provoked lel asaf.

do you realize how much inhuman our society have turned in the last 10 years? even well educated young people. as if they have never learned anything. still think in a stupid narrow way.
maybe that's why i decided i don't want to marry an egyptian. long time ago i did and now i know that i am right :)

نادي حواء said...

nice word

Nouna said...

الناس؟ إنهم لا يطرحون عليك عادة ، إلا أسئلة غبية ، يجبرونك على الرد عليها بأجوبة غبية مثلها..
يسألونك مثلا ماذا تعمل.. لا ماذا كنت تريد أن تكون.
يسألونك ماذا تملك.. لا ماذا فقدت.
يسألونك عن أخبار المرأة التي تزوجتها.. لا عن أخبار تلك التي تحبها.
يسألونك ما اسمك.. لا ما إذا كان هذا الاسم يناسبك.
... ... يسألونك ما عمرك.. لا كم عشت من هذا العمر.
يسألونك أي مدينة تسكن.. لا أية مدينة تسكنك.
يسألونك هل تصلي.. لا يسألونك هل تخاف الله.
ولذا تعودت أن أجيب عن هذه الأسئلة بالصمت. فنحن عندما نصمت نجبر الآخرين على تدارك خطأهم.

مقتطف من رواية " فوضى الحواس"

Mohaly said...

yes nouna, sometimes silence is the best answer.