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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

794) The Pursuit of Happiness !!

In 2006, Will Smith has starred in a really deep and great movie called "The Pursuit of Happiness". What I liked most about the movie is the the ability of its main characters to seek happiness and have the faith that they will get it in-spite of the challenges that keep facing ...  I have noticed that many people - including myself- are tending to go either worried or even pessimistic because of the continous stress of bad news and stupid actions and reactions in Egypt. So I decided to post this simple video that gives you quick tips for happiness. Just try some and it really makes a difference... Please let's re-enjoy our lives in order to be able to continue .. It seems that there is still a longer way to go and we need to equip ourselves with peace of mind..


Maryam said...

thank you for sharing. it reminded me of a concept i forgot about lately:positive thinking
true, we have a long road ahead.a difficult one, and we need every extra power we could get.

i used to eat chocolate,when i feel bad.just few cubes, but dont swollow them 3ala toul.let it slowly melt in my mouth, while listening to Halim. his voice calms me down and reminds me of tenderness.

lovely morning to you Dr. Mohamed.

Ze2red said...

This is one inspiring movie ;)

Anonymous said...

Pursuit of Happiness “I have just seen this movie 2 days ago, I didn’t see it before!!!It was really inspiring one, it is like a dose of positive energy.
I decided whenever I feel depressed or frustrated; I am going to watch this movie.

Someone told me that pursuit of happiness is :

1- To have a vision.
2- Go for your dream / pursue your dream
3- Use your resources / talents
4- Don’t depend on people
5- Accept doing mistakes
6- It’s ok to feel negative emotions
7- Live with integrity
8- Dealing with people frustrating you
9- Talk and teach what you believe in
10- Feel gratitude
11- Don’t let small / stupid things stop you
12- Opportunities will come and go ….. get used to it ,
13- Chase every opportunity
14- Life will never be safe

Thanks for the valuable blog .You always share real and beneficial issues in our daily life.

Dina Hassan

Mohaly said...

u too Maryam

for sure Ze2red

Mohaly said...

Thanks A lot Dina.. this makes my day