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Thursday, April 24, 2014

860) Cairo Friendship Association !

On the same day 20 years ago (24.4.1994), I and some distinguished friends established a small student organization that grew really fast till winning the best Club at the AUC (American University in Cairo) and extended its chapters to 2 local Universities in Egypt (Ain Shams, & Helwan), and 3 International ones in Europe (Switzerland), North America (Canada), and Asia (Bahrain). It extended to have subsidiaries like the Pro-Action Team for Development, Arab Cultral Integration Conference, Publications (like CIFA, Thursday in Cairo,..etc), and mega projects (like Cairo Anniversary, Cairo Cultural Trips, ..etc) that attracted students and graduates from all over Egypt.

To all those who once took part in any of CFA activities in its golden age (1994-2000) including Pro-Action Team, Arab Cultural Integration Conference, CFA Egypt, or CIFA, I would like to deeeeeply thank you for your precious and sincere contributions that made us have such successful experience.

Special Thanks to CFA & its subsidiaries' icons: Yasmine Fahmy, Al Moataz Selmy, Karam El Tobgy,Sherif Saleh, Lana Gad, Mohamed Farag, Tamer Breakah, Mohamed Badran, Amr Youssef, Khaled Helmy, Rhonad Kotb, Nermine Abdel-Fattah, Noha Hatata, Mohamed El Batta, Noha Nasrat, Marwa Nosohy, Ahmed Farrag, Reham Farouk, Randa Hamza, Zaki Zahran, Tarek Genina, Mohamed El Ammamy, Nehal El Naggar, Waad El Hadidi, Mohamed Khamis, Khalil El Bawab, Ahmed Hafez, Kareem Farahat, Lana Malky, Tamer Mahdy and a lot more :)

I can say proudly that these days were some of the best days of my life.



Rhonda Kotb said...

Thanks Mohamed. U bring back great memories with this post. Loved those days too! They were special.

Mohaly said...

Yeah Rhonda.. they were indeed... I don't think that it is a coincidence that all CFA icons mentionied above ate really successful in their careers.. it unleached our potentials.

Maryam said...

Although i feel outsider here not belonging to this very same group, but you reminded me of the students council/union at school, out of which we developed the "community group". i stayed there long after graduation of school and uni. we launched many "mini-projects" and participated in many campaigns with CARITAS Egypt. One project that captured my heart was the ongoing bi-monthly visit to Abbasseya Hospital.
my lovely days at school :-)

Mohaly said...

It was best days, it grew so big that our budget reached more than 20 different projects with tens of thousands of dollars (in the nintees)..

I miss those days, although Nahdet El Mahrousa kind of give me the same feeling ... but missing being invloved and seeing everyone everyday..

Maryam said...

i know the feeling :-)
my volunteer work compensates a part too, but it is not with the same "soul" as before. passion is there too. it might be the hope to change something, or maybe the sense of "of course we will see the results". you know, the passion of young age and dreams and hopes of how great the world would be just few years from now-after we do enough change.

our projects were very small compared to yours. we had no financing resources other than the school, some entities, and the CARITAS refunds. but we were at 7th sky with it.
yaah, you brought me back to these shining smiles we had back then.