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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

805) The Egyptian Rower !!

At the end of this long year, I thought a lot about writing a long article, but after re-thinking, I decided to share with you this short story about how do we manage our teams and accordingly our countries, and would leave the commenting to you ...

There was a rowing competition between an Egyptian Team and a Japanese Team. Each boat had 9 people on it. At the end of the race, the Japanese team was found winning while the Arab Team was far left behind.. When the analysis was done, it was found out that the Japanese team had the following structure:
- 1 Boat Manager
- 8 Rowers
While the Egyptian Team had the following:
- 8 Boat Managers
- 1 Rower

The Egyptian Team didn't surrender and decided on a restructure. They now have 1 boat manager like the Japanese Team. In the 2nd round of the competition the Japanese team was still found winning with a huge gap like the 1st round .. When they analyized the results they found that the structure was as follows:
Japanese Team:
-1 Boat Manager
- 8 Rowers
Egyptian Team:
- 1 Boat General Manager
- 3 Deputy Managers
- 4 Assistant Managers
- 1 Rower

Accordingly the Egyptian Team had a meeting to see what went wrong and punish the responsible, and the end of the meeting they decided to fire ..... The Rower!!

P.S. Any resemblance between the GM and the SCAF, or the Managers and the Political Parties, or the Rower and the Egyptian Revolts is not a pure coincidence.

Wish you and Egypt a Happy New Calm Effective Peaceful Year where the Rower can actually Row.



Anonymous said...

Painfully true ya Doctor Mohamed.
I dont know what led to this uneffective structure, but it exists in all entities where you find public sector and most of the family businesses in Egypt.
We might blame the culture that didnt teach people of how to work effectively, or blame the continuous unprofessional governments over the moder history of the country, i dont know. one fact, however, i have in hand is that 90% of the Egyptians hate to say i dont know, or seek advise, or act according to specializations.
but i dont want to waste time in the past again, what i would do, if i was in charge of anything, is to categorize people according to their speciality, what they have studied, if any, or what they actually "can" do, or what they would "like" to do. i believe that in each organization there are different types of personalities, and training those ppl and motivating them to take over new roles would create miracle.
all you need is the infulence and power to do so.
i still have hope despite the past black week i had in the future. maybe not the near future, but i still have hope.

Wish you and your beloved ones a happy, peaceful and fruitful year.
Wish Egypt would overcome the many "traps" that are build in its way to fall, stand up on its own feet and fight for its soul not to be stolen or killed

Mohaly said...

Happy New Year to you too maryam :))

kevin21 said...

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