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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

806) 2011 ... Is it Over?

Now what?
Is 2011 really over? This "centennial" year?
A year that witnessed the fall down of 4 regimes (Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen) and the 5th (Syria) is on the way, and change in all the Arab governments ...
A year that witnessed the split of Sudan, and withdrawal of America from Iraq...
A year that witnessed the death of tens of Egyptian & Arab Intellectuals (Anis Mansour, Ahmed Bahgat, Saad El Shazly, Hegazy, Khairy Shalaby, Mahmoud Hafez,...etc) and Celebs (Kamal El Shenawy, Omar El Hariry, Hend Rostom, Gom3a El Shawwan, Talaat El Sadat,....etc)  almost ending a whole generation of writers, thinkers, and actors..
A year that witnessed the killing and death of Qaddafi, Ben Laden, & Kim Yong...
A year that witnessed the marriage of the century in London, and the disaster of the century in Japan.
A year that witnessed the first world wide protests in more than 80 countries at the same time...
The year that witnessed the 10th anniversary of 9-11 that seemed nothing beside its events ...
A year that contained events of a century in 12 months!

Now 2011 is over, what do we expect from 2012?
Do we expect a more peaceful Egypt where people start thinking with their minds instead of their hearts?
Do we expect a more fair world where fierce capitalism is replaced with a more just economic system?
or Do we expect more of power struggle and split among Egyptians, and more injustice in the world?

Will 2012 be the end of the world, or the start of a new one?



Anonymous said...

Good morning Dr. Mohamed
after reading your post i find myself having 0 expectations.
very simple, I am taking one day at a time.
but when it comes to hopes i have many, the most important is a peaceful, fair country.
and when it comes to dreams, i have tons, the most important is to have an Egypt as beautiful & clean as Switzerland, as advanced as USA or Japan, as productive as China & Malisia, as rich as Lybia or Saudi, as fair as in Jannah.

Lets hope for the best in 2012, even for few moments.
Have a lovely, happy and peaceful 2012.

Mohaly said...

I failed to set any expectations and that is killing me..

Anonymous said...

dont call it a failure. it is perfectly normal because things are unclear, situation move very quickly and unexpectedly. i understand how you feel, because i feel bad too, when somehow in complete darkness. but i hold to the headlines of the big picture when the details are unclear. for me the headlines now are a freedom, a strength and a courage i havent witnessed in Egypt before, leading to a better future. maybe unstable and moving into the wrong direction for some time, maybe chaotic for some time. but at the end the destination is clear. within this year, isA, we will have a new president. i read in yesterday's newspaper that the SCAF is "re-evaluating" the conditons for presential candidates, that might allow Zweil to be the next President, who is popular, approved from the SCAF and the islamists.
see?? completely unexpected :-)
but i was thrilled when i read it.
ma3lesh, keep the faith in Allah and the hope in the newly discovered egyptian personality.

Mohaly said...

Actually I cant imagine how much I feel of a loser these days.. failure is a small word.. hate to admit it but that is what I feel.

Anonymous said...

please dont feel this way.it is notor fault that things are so unclear.we all have our fears and hopes and faith to keep us going. All i can advise you to do is to focus on your work nd incteas ny charity u do nd raise awareness whenever u can.this is what i have been telling myself the past months.

Mohaly said...

ya Maryam, I feel that I spend a whole year not really achieving anything on the public level and at the same time didn't progress on the personal level for the first time in my adult life.. I am hitting bottom big time and just working out of responsibility not out of passion, and communicate with people out of urgency not out of care ... I even travelled hoping to get rid of that, and nothing changed .. I am losing on many fronts.. the only thing I am gaining is weight :( !!

Sorry for being down, but it seems being up for a whole year and pushing everybody else has drained me.

Anonymous said...

its ok to be down, and never apologize for being down. we are all human who suffer becasue we care.
first i cant imagine you do anything without passion. the posts i have read over this blog tell it very clear that you are a very passionate person, when it comes to what you really believe in.
i can understand that you lost part of interest in what is going on bc over the long run and bc of its unclear and foxy surroundings, the country's future became ver depressing.
and yes, maybe you have pushed yourself to be optimistic at times, which now left you "empty" bc you gave it all. ma3lesh, it will come back. i mean the passion.

travelling outside the place, while carrying it inside wouldnt help much, but i am positivie that something of what you have seen or experienced has touched you in a way.

wallahi all of us didnt accopmlish anything noticeable during the past year other than nervous breakdowns, uncertainity and feeling lost in all the events we witnessed.
remember that this is the first time for us to witness a "life" revolution with all its after-attacks from the past regime. remember we have been living the past 25 years in 'no events" neither positive nor negative that really shook our lives. remember that we lived in a constant "secure" feeling bc our lives have been just the same over years. scholl, colleague, work, marriage (for others ya3ni), but all in all a stable-event-less-and-colourless life. once standing over a breaking volcano would causing such uncertainity and lost feeling.

accomplishments would therefore -for sure- differ from what you were supposed to find during the past year. but look at it in a different way: you are no more affraid from a police officers. ana,i was terrified when i saw one.
you are no more capable to accept any abuse from anyone.
during the past year, all of us, egyptians inside and outside Egypt have turned to Allah and prayed more than any time during their whole lives.
one thing kaman i think of, and see that it counts so much: christians no longer think that Muslims supress them. it is not "muslims" it is now very clear to them that only certain groups cause the harm, and things are now far more better where i can see it around me. i feel it at my colleague, and this really counts for me.
in your posts i read that you were in Tahrir couple of times, are you sure that over there you didnt touch someone's life wtih your thinking way and made it better?
i doubt :-)
an accomplishment aho.

the past year isnt lost, your profits would show bas give it time.

on personal level, well this is where we all stand. but eventually it will end.you dont know what will happen in a day or two from now, as everything is written in "اللوح المحفوظ" we have nothing else to do other than try to be good persons enough to deserve it.

Anonymous said...

never think that you lost your human care or passion, it is in there in you. it doesnt get killed unless you allow it, and i am sure that you would never do that. your posts say other things than surrounding and runaway.

take the time to get this anger and frustration over with. and if you are not optimistic right now, dont push yourself to feel it and dont feel bad for feeling otherwise. wallahi it is perfectly normal, you are not alone. it is bc of our nature and hopes we set in the revolution that we feel this way. but i am positive that all givings of the myrtyrs, their families, injured and prisoned over the past 20 years would not get lost, for Allah has promised justice. never loose the hope.
its ok to gain weight. those who care wont mind and those who mind are not worht your care :-)
you will loose it again when better and isA you would be healthier.
i understand from your posts that you are used to measure the accomplishments of the year in a review you do, but this year is an exception. if you measure it this way, you would end up to the conclusion you just stated.
if you "see" it with a different "eye" you would see what i wrote above, and hopefully feel better.
sorry for the horribly long post. i am sure it owould take you days to read it, if u have enough time to do so.
dont loose hope.

Anonymous said...

the site didnt allow publishing the post on one shot.
that made me laugh :-)

Mohaly said...

thank you Maryam ..
You should -seriously- take over this blog .. You are much better than me.

Anonymous said...

La2 ya Doctor, you are doing great. begad.
thank you for the kindness of your words.
nothing to thank me for khales. pleasure is all mine :-)

Please cheer up, the sun will shine again. :-)