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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

810) The Economy Drag & "3agalet el Entag" !

One of the things that frustrates me the most when meeting people and discussing the Egyptian Revolution is the famous sentence: "You - revolts- ruined our economy".. It has become a cliche to the extent that people started believing and acting upon it.

I wonder how great was the Egyptian Economy during the past 30 years! Let me ask some questions may be I am fooled and the "Angles" in SCAF are right:

- What is the average income for Egyptian Employees before & after Revolution?
- What is the ratio between executives and employees salaries before and after Revolution?
- What is the real unemployment rate in the Egyptian Market before & after Revolution?
- What is the relation between the prices and salaries before and after the Revolution?
- What is the collected percentage of taxes required by Billionaires vs. Employees before and after Revolution?
- Who is responsible for not containing the security vacuum that in turn affect investments and tourism?
- Who is responsible for not taking any serious steps towards getting back the stolen money in and outside Egypt?
- Who is scaring investors with their statements about burning Egypt and civil war?
- Who is the one who has an open budget that directly takes its feed from Egypt resources and is refusing to even discuss it?
- Who owns all the Egyptian uninhabited lands, and how can they play a role in getting it down to its real prices? (unless they are happy with the current ones).
- Who is still adopting the same economic strategies and still borrowing billions keeping the next governments trapped?
- Who spent 200 Million pounds on a useless referendum and 1 Billion on a puppet Shura council?
- Who is prolonging the Transitional period that in turn extends the status quo.?

Answer these questions first, and then talk to me about "3agalet el Entag!".



Anonymous said...

I can clearly feel your anger, not only frustration.
first: comment on No. 9: it is known that it reaches to 25% of the country's total income.no secret anymore. wont say anything else.
second: i would add to your question: who is arrogant enough not to accept consultancy in different fields from Egyptian experts living abroad, who have offered their help more than once over different media and TV channels, after officially addressed the big ones.
third: raise awareness. when you face someone like this, dont keep silent and dont explode your anger in their faces. i tell you what i do.
i hear this thousand times in metro, when i ocasionally use it. i turn to the lady and ask her: tayeb, you tell me:
why the police have their cars for over quarter million EGP each?
why does mubrak khave to fly a helicopter for trial, while he can come with an ambulance?
why does his son own so much moeny that they accuse him of?
why was Khaled Said killed and his killers have only 6 years imprisonment?
why were revolters killed and not arrested and trialed?

you see, ppl dont realize what happened, until you put it infront of thier eyes and remind them.
i remember my last discussion with an old lady who others started supporting when they heard what i said.
ppl need a reminder, a continuous brain-enlightment after the brainwash they daily experience.
raise awareness ya doctor. this is our mostly needed weapon now.

Mohaly said...

That is what I am trying to do asking these questions... I want people to think not to be told. Enlightment for me is helping other to see through their own eyes not only mine.

and of course I am angry, specially after le3b el 3eyal beta3issuing the presidential elections law 2 days before the parliament!!

Sgheita said...

We have to fight SCAF and people's ignorance what a shame..

Anonymous said...

i understand what u mean, and it is the correct approach to trigger someone's mind to function on its own isntead of "thinking for them". totally agree.

this presidential law is a real challange of the parlament. they should take an action: against or for. and this would show their real intentions.
a very good trap, actually.

Mohaly said...

Sara ... It is a duty rather than a shame..

Maryam.. yes a Trap indeed.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

since the comments are only enabled here, so here i am, and despite of everything around:
Happy Valentine's Day.
Enjoy your independence before it is history :-)
may you celebrate Valentine's Day next year in the way you wish and makes you happy.
Hope you would feel better soon.

Mohaly said...

Thank You Maryam and sorry for not being able to write articles now.

Anonymous said...

its ok. I understand and believe me u r not alone.after 2 weeks of 7ozn, i decided to drag myself out and see what i can do. It was killing me but i wont give up my rights of life. Keep writing or screaming, dont bottle it inside. U have a friend u can trust here. Please take care of urslef

amit saini said...

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