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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

808) You will never Win if you never Begin !

Hope is born from the womb of Despair ..


Anonymous said...

Good morning Dr. Mohamed
thank you for sharing,it shows another miracle of Allah, for us not to give up.
what i liked most of him is his warm soul that shows very clearly in his smile and sense of humor. i like this kind of people who silently accept their fate and still see a reason to smile.

a kind reminder that there is hope, mericle happen when Allah wants one to happen

Mohaly said...

he made me ashamed of myself, and inspired me to move on .. My birthday in 10 days and I have put it as deadline for getting out of the killer depression. This post is the first thing I have done to start reminding me and others about hope and accepting ourselves.

Anonymous said...

there is nothing to be ashamed of when feeling down, for your dreams and hopes that are not realized yet are importnat, too.
besides, feeling down at this phase is a perfectly normal feeling caused by all events we have passed through from Jan 2011 to date.
your depression is understandable and expected for someone like you. i dont know you good enough to judge, but as far as i read from your posts over this blog, i can understand how much you are disappointed.
take it easy on yourself. pamper yourself with anything you love to do, even food and chocolate are ok in this phase, and isA step by step you will get out of it.surround yourself with those who you love and know they love you back- honestly. it will make a big difference.

and plan something nice on your birthday :-)

Mohaly said...

u sometimes surprize me with how much u can read through lines in my blog !!

tab something nice for BD like what, I havent celebrated it in a while, and of course not in 2011.

Anonymous said...

you can call it a hidden talent, reading between the lines or hearing what ppl dont really "say".
take it easy on yourself, and dont weight this year of your life with the same of every year.

for your BD, something nice like for example choose any of your friend(s) who is really really clsoe to you and invite him/her over lunch or dinner in your favourite restaurant and spend good time talking about anything you love, but dont appraoch any problem and dont mention POLITIC.
it might help kaman if u meet someone of school or colleage days and get back old memories, so that you laugh together.
what i think you need now is a good laugh, deep from the heart + the joy of giving happiness to others.that's why you should pay
think about it.

if you are into cooking (i doubt), then cook a nice meal from A to Z for your family or friends you find close :-)
i can give you nice receipes

Mohaly said...

on 27th (few hours after 25 jan) and not talking about politics!!

I do love cooking but have no chance to practice .. u can talk to my mom to convince her to let me in in the kitchen..if u can!

I miss old days of gathering around a nice movie eating popcorn and pizza, some playing monopoly or chess, some reading ..etc..

For me I'd rather do something different and meet different people this year .. what, who I dont know

Anonymous said...

good, you have a start point aho. meeting new people. look around and see how to find new ppl to meet.
and, sure you can avoid politics :-)
as for cooking, dont ask for her permission, just do it and surprise her. simply tell her it makes you happy and she wont say a word.
i do it this way, take halim with me, disappear into the kitchen, cook or bake, clean afterwards, and give them the result to enjoy.

dont stay home reading, go out.
and dont stay alone, go and meet ppl.
i am sure that if you think, you will find ppl you know thye love you to meet.

Anonymous said...

last year of course you didnt celebratr, the year before tayeb?
Think of any year u enjoyed the celebration, see what made u happy back then and redo.

Mohaly said...

That was 5 years ago, the last time I celebrated.

Anonymous said...

ok, since you didnt celebrate and nothing good happened since 5 years, and you still remember this celebration, this means you really enjoyed it. redo what you did back then if you can, if not, and things have changed, think of anything that makes you happy and do it, sharing it with others you love and know they love you back.
isA you will have a wonderful celebration :-)