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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

807) Who is the winner?!

An Irony of life and of the international education system too..

Most of the distinguished, attentive, clever and sharp students get technical jobs like Engineers, and Physicians.. while many of those who come behind as average pass college and post-graduate MBA, and become the administrators of the distinguished ones.. Those who fail or below average.. may just go deal in any business, have good connections / work with dirty politicians, and control all of the above !!

Do we need a complete paradigm shift in our systems? I guess so..



Maryam said...

I won't take it personally, as I am sure you dont mean to attack anyone :-)
i am not engineer nor phisician, bc i have a different mindset. i am more into the "right side" of the mind that supports languages, psychology, philosophy, literature, etc.

I understand your point of view, but those who are talented in "administration" would eventually take over the management, bc engineers are busy with the other side.
what i want to say, it is not necessarily that the administrators were "Those who fail or below average.. may just go deal in any business, have good connections / work with dirty politicians, and control all of the above !!"
those who control might have reached this position bc of their ability to "manage" they are capable to handle rules, regulations, conditions, etc of the world of management.
your profile says your basic education is engineering. would you accept the challange of an administrative job?

sure we need a complete paradigm shift in our systems, and ppl to understand and appreciate fields other than engineering and medicine as "top faculties".
we still have severe problems with ppl graduated from "ma3had sanaye3" for example and with the way they are treated as minors within the society, although 40% of the Egyptians are uneducated aslan.

we need to raise awareness between ppl of the value of a human being regardless of his certificate that often has nothing to do with his prefers, capabilities or the society's needs.

the question is where to start and how to implement?

Mohaly said...

many graduates just want to be managers, and many of the students I see in MBA are not taking it for the sake of knowledge or excellence as much as a step for managerial post.

where to start and what to implement is my mission for the next 3 years .. I am already attending conference, and starting projects with the university to work on that..

I am still convinced that the whole education system need to be changed in content, methodology, and even format.

Maryam said...

ya doctor we need to change ppl in charge, before changing the system.
especially for education, the existing standard is horrible.

yes, many do MBA or post graduate studies, bc it is requested for a higher position, rarely you find soemone seeking knowledge for the purpose of enhancing their job. especially within the "administrative" field. and this is bc ppl dont realize the importance of knowledge, everything goes by "mafhomiah" although if you look at simple jobs like mechanics or plumper, they have to be taught by the master for the first 10 years before becoming masters themselves.

where to start: i would start with the young generation.
what to implement: "use your brain" and "dont memorize" was a golden rule i learned very early at school.
how to implement ba2a, this is my real problem. how would you implement a theory that 100% contradicts EVERYTHING ppl get to learn throughout their lives? how to enhance ppls ability to be creative and think of new solutions for problems? how to convince them to DARE thinking otherwise and experiment new ideas?
mesh 3arfa.
but there must be a way.

i think the example of Dr. Sherif Abdel Aziem and Resala is a good one of how to train and encourage youth.

saba7 el Kheir :-)

Mohaly said...

It must go in parallel:
1. School Education (6-18): Complete Change.
2. University Education (18-22+): Enhancement & Updating.
3. Training & Upgrading Education (25-40).
Over 40 will be hard to do any real change in the mindset.

Maryam said...

agree to your plan.
over 40 is not as hard as youo think, it is tougher, but nothing is impossible.

Lubna said...

You have raised one of the most difficult issues...it has so many aspects...from one hand, there must be a change in the mindsets of students, job seekers...what ppl what to become....on the other hand, there must be a change in the market, job opportunities...salary vs jobs...many things are overlapping when it comes to education coz usually ppl earn their degree not for the sake of knowledge rather for the sake of getting a better job with more benefits n remuneration...I like your plan but I wonder again how could it be implemented.Many stakeholders should be involved.Education policy makers with new vision n strategies should be in charge...well, I thing we cud go on and on when it comes to this topic...yea sure We need a whole new educational system that cud not only enhance the quality of education itself but also be reflected in employment market in a way that cud lead to real improvement and development (where ppl in charge would be ppl with new vision, leaders of change, highly motivated n innovative ppl ).It might take years n phases but it is sure worth it.

Mohaly said...

there 2 main categories in egypt when it comes to education: a minority motivated by knowledgeable, exploring, and widening their scope, and a majority of reactors who just wanna pass to get a job.

In order to make it happen you must tempt the first category and threaten the 2nd.

Maryam said...

I agree to attempting the first group, but disagree to threatening the second group ya Doctor.
I understand what you mean by threatening, and know that is often works, but it is not with the same spirit of the first group. threaten works for some time, but doesnt result in much at the end.
my target is to explain, educate and persuade the second group to get them to the level of the first group.
motivation and persuation, awareness and explanation would be the way i choose to get them there.

and here comes the role of anyone who really wants to help out.

Mohaly said...

ya Maryam, what u r saying is right but comes after the threatening phase that will oblige them to see beyond, and once they are there, u can use the tempting strategy... alaways threat wont work and shouldnt work.

Lubna said...

your post was descrbing a phenomenon that happens all time....the smartest category are not the one in control of big decisions or the fact that those in highest positions are well connected n got their with nepotism....so the question as I got it how to break this cycle? how to revive the educational system so that it leads in new derives among students in addition to how we can change the mindsets of policy makers in order to achieve that?It is only about students n what they seek

Maryam said...

Maho ya Doctor what i mean, is i want to "cancel" the phase of threat in the new generation, and teach them the concept of continious education, the benefit and meaning thereof. until it becomes a habit where they start looking for knowledge themselves and appreciate what they gather.

if it was up to me, i would start with the primary school. even in public schools.
i dream of the day when we have a scientist as Education Minister.

not sure the threaten phase will get them where we want them to be or pushes them far from it. maybe becasue it never worked for me, i cant imagine antyhig positive coming out of it. but accept it if it is going to work with others.

Mohaly said...

I wasnt talking about the first category (school), I was talking about the 2nd and 3rd categories (18-40).

fitri said...

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Anonymous said...

kan gherek ashtar
No my dear Aslaha betefre2 men wa7da lewa7da
Who is the winner ??? I'm the winner ;)

Mohaly said...

kindly stop ruining the posts by answering in a different post. Please respect other readers.

For being the winner ... too early to declare victory while you have nothing in hand.

Anonymous said...

First: I didn’t ruin Ur posts, as a RESPECTABLE person I do respect u and ur readers and their comments as well. It is a matter of ...e and respect .
Second: who told u that I declared victory, victory for what????!!!!!! The title of the post draws my attention “who is the winner and I answered I’m the WINNER. You may be true that I don’t have anyhing in my hand but I have so many things in my mind and my ....t , I have a very clear target and sooner or later I will achieve IT "ur ....t "