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Saturday, January 19, 2013

835) Are You Beautiful?!

People struggle to make themselves look beautiful, while most of the time they just get themselves more and more ugly ... yes saddening but true ... Just a quick look to the amount of money spent yearly on plastic surgeries  diet physicians, cosmetics, fashionable clothes and accessories ..etc. tells you how big this issue really is. The interesting thing most of the most beautiful people (women or men) I have seen (and believe me I have seen a lot) are the ones glowing from within, the ones who charm you and make you follow them with their genuine smile, and uplifting spirit.

Yes, looks counts; we want the best of the best of the best ... but looks no matter how do you spend on perfecting it, just lasts for the the first impression. It is great for pictures, modeling, ..etc, but when it comes to true human communication and bonding, there are much more beyond the looks ...

God is beautiful and created man kind to crown His creation. He put part of His beauty in each one of us; some are beautiful because they are good looking, some are beautiful because they do really care, some are beautiful because they are genuine, some are beautiful because they are impressive, and some are beautiful because they make others beautiful.... Beauty comes from within as much as from outside or even more..

Can you consider that Marilyn Monroe more beautiful than Mother Teresa?.... 
Is Angelina beautiful because of how she looks or what she does with all the unfortunates in the world? 
Who is more beautiful, your father or George Clooney?  
The answer for all questions is all are beautiful each on his/her way..

So now, you need to really stop and think for a moment ... Where does your beauty lie? Is it in your looks, your way of talking, you voice, your heart, your mind, your manners....etc... Find it and make good use of it, and be sure that each of one us has his/her own beauty, and when he/she see it and believe in it, it will be reflected on the rest.

To all the people afraid from getting older ... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL as you are, and will be more beautiful when you enjoy your age to the maximum and make the best use of it.

To all the ladies struggling with losing weight .... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL as you are, and will be more beautiful when you achieve your target, not because you will be thinner, but because you will be in control.

To all the girls who think they are ugly ... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL as you are, and will be more beautiful when you go fetch your source of beauty coz no one will see it unless you do first.

To all the men who think they are not good enough for any women ..... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL as you are, and will be more beautiful if you got the self-confidence and genuine caring that women can smell miles away.

To all the geeks who think they are aliens .... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL as you are, and will be more beautiful when you reflect your brilliant mind on others, and use it to Connecting and Impressing them.

To anyone who thinks that he or she is not beautiful .... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL as you are, and will be more beautiful when you believe that you really are..

To everyone who think he or she is BEAUTIFUL ... Help others to see their beauty in order to be more beautiful ..

I am beautiful ... Are you?



Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot that you mentioned my nick name" OTHERS" more than one time in this post .BTW i have something for u

بلاش دوشه said...

well said mohaly yes we need to know our inside beauty if it exists or not

Nancy said...

I really like this article..thank you

Anonymous said...

the magical clue for me always was the genuine care. i can't resist someone who really cares for those around. and it showes clearly when someone really cares or pretends. i havent met alot of them lately, but am grateful for the few i met throughout my life.
and, i love Mother Teresa. you picked up my favourite lady to give as an example.
a further example of a character i admired alot is Princess Diana. regardless of her looks, she shone care and love, stood for her believes and did the best out of a miser personal life. then was strong enough to love when she found the right man, and was couragous to stick to him.
i might be romanticising it, of course, but i really admire her.

George Cloony or my dad? both. each would have a different role in my life :-)
i understand of course what you want to say, just teasing you.

Mohaly said...

Of course ya Sarah we have to..

Thank You Nancy..

Mohaly said...

Maryam: I totally agree .. caring makes one shines from inside, and it makes him feel that he/she is achieving the "self-actualization".

fe3lan, I always get confused between Clooney and your dad ;)

Anonymous said...

oh, you should get to know Clooney better then for not to confuse them.
dad cared but never really showed it, while Clooney said it out loud. have you seen his greetings for the New Year addressed to all beautiful ladies? stunning. ;-)

Anonymous said...

to the only self-actualization you stated, i would add "human" to be self-actualization as a human. even animals care for their kids and for their "siblings" animals. unfortunately i never had a pet, but i love dogs, dolphins and horses. they are loving and caring creatures and genuinely care for their owners. and show it in a beautiful way :-)

Lobna said...

First let me congratulate you for this is definitely "an epiphany" that doesn't come along everyday. Yea, age is status of mind and I would like to quote Anais Nin : “We do not grow absolutely, chronologically. We grow sometimes in one dimension, and not in another; unevenly. We grow partially. We are relative. We are mature in one realm, childish in another. The past, present, and future mingle and pull us backward, forward, or fix us in the present. We are made up of layers, cells, constellations.”
How many young people we meet yet they sound like an elderly and vice versa! So long live the child within 
Realizing one's inner beauty is very important cause you can't appreciate anything in life until you like and truly appreciate yourself and the Creator in you. It is even essential to become close to Allah. It doesn't matter how many people tell you how great and beautiful you are unless you are capable of sensing and feeling it. It is like someone is telling you how amazing the rose smells while you have a flu n incapable of smelling a thing!
Yea inner beauty is the most important thing like I always say "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" so if you have it within, you can find it, spread it and even share it with others.
It is an empowering feeling to sense beauty within cause it is a reflection of deeper feeling of content "reda" and faith: content with all you have been through and faith that something good will come your way inshalla.
As for weight and appearance, I like what you said and couldn't agree more. I didn't start to lose weight until I liked even loved me as I am and realized how it is about just being able to set a goal and achieve it like everything in life. I changed my eating habits and choices so even when I'm not losing weight due to not going to the gym, I don't gain back weight easily "still I need to exercise and get it done with , no excuse for being lazy " lol
Finally, I'm truly glad your journey of "eat, pray and love" has landed you in such serene place in heart, mind and soul. Not so many people by mid life would find such inner peace , content and actually strength. It is only a solid evidence of how beautiful you have been and how more beautiful and glowing you are about to become.

NAMES said...

Beauty depends on the "personality" of the person and comes from the soul, love, respect, kindness, compassion, generosity, gratitude, laugh, care, friendship, selflessness.

- I am beautiful because a lot of people say so to me and I see myself the way others see me :) so why should I think otherwise?
All that matters is people's opinion!, and my opinion lays heavily on them :P

- I am beautiful because i know someone beautifull like you who can see the beauty in people and trying to help others to see their beauty.
"birds of feather flock together" :) :)

BTW, i am accepting myself as it is. NO MATTER WHAT PEOPLE SAY.
We all are Allah's creatures. and Allah is beautifull and loves beauty.
Beauty always is in the eye of the beholder, everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way.

Anonymous said...

Are you beautiful?? We all agree that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t care about how other look like but I care about mindset, values. I’m not gonna answer this question by yes or no , I ‘d rather to hear it from him telling me that I’m beautiful only him . . I think It will have its meaning as he can see my inner beauty he even can see things I don’t know about myself the way he will say it will differ from others and this will make me feel that I’m a special one .The one who will share my interests and understand my weird character. My best friend with whom our relation will develop from friend ship frame to emotional one. The one who needs my friendship more than I need.

Lobna said...

Dear Dina,
Seeing your inner self beautiful is as much important as sharing such with someone who appreciates it.

You can't only depend on others / or even your special one to make you sense n feel your own strength and beauty.

Lobna said...

However, I get your point about how beautiful and good you would feel when you meet such person.

I think the rheotric question with which the post ends , aims for each one of us to ask and keep working on .....Even if the answer is yes, we still need to work on becoming better and trying to help others if we can.

What gives life journey its true value is the ability to do good n make best of it.

Anonymous said...

Dina, I fully agree with Lobna. I udnerstand your point, but sense a slight "depending" in your words. take care, dear. you can easily slip into loosing sight of your beauty, if he doesn't tell you or fails to see this beauty. whoever around you doesn't recognize it and keeps you waiting for the words, would hurt you without you realizing how depending you got.

rise and shine, whoever sees it is welcome to join your world, otherwise you are better off without. :-)

Mohaly said...

Lobna & Maryam, I totally concur with your comment on Dina's comment.

For quite sometime I was waiting for someone to get me out and show me the way, and it ended up by myself doing that role ... was hard but worth it.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you landed safely on the ground of "own-beauty-realization", ya Doctor :-)
i know how hard it is

lobna said...

Dear Maryam,
I like your comments n I'm not talking about this post only :)

Mohaly said...

Maryam Rocks ..

Anonymous said...

Lobna, thank you dear.that is really very kind of you to say. You really made me blush :-). Rabena yekhaliky.wallahi you gave me a very pleasant surprise.

Anonymous said...

Rocks wih bas ya Doctor
You are the star of writing, even when it is politics.
I really enjoy writing here and enjoy the discussions we lead.
I hope you wouldnt stop :-)

Lobna said...

Glad it made you feel good ya Gamila :)

I enjoy reading your comments

Anonymous said...

Wallahi ya Lobna I don't know how to thank you for the kindness you express here. I sincerely thank you for your kind words and am happy you like my opinions. that is a very much needed support :-)
I would love to read your comments on my comments then. such discussions enrich one's life. Have a lovely morning, dear

Anonymous said...

Happy Mawled ElNaby to you ya Doctor and to everyone who celebrates. enjoy it.

Mohaly said...

Thank you, and may you enjoy the long weekend :)

I decided to escape Cairo with all its "hot" incidents to be able to stay "beautiful" :)

Lobna said...

Hi Maryam,

Thanks for your "beautiful" words that could only come from a "beautiful person" :)

Kol sana w enti tayeba habibty n to everybody who is reading this comment :)

Anonymous said...

Ya lobna, wallahi you make me blush from this kindness you shower me with, dear. Thank you. May Allsh bless you for your kind soul with what you really deserve. Thank you million times

PATRICIA de eLIAS said...
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PATRICIA de eLIAS said...


Mohaly said...

You are most welcome Patricia :)

Sohad said...

Seriously do you think it's fair to put any father in comparison with George clone?!;)
I love my dad bas I adore George clone bardddo :P
I struggled for many many many years to love myself and accept it as is.. Since I was always looking for perfectionism and I never measured up to my own standards. I o my lived myself when I was receiving unconditional love from family members and close friends then I realized that we can be loved for who we are and not what we do. Since then I am doing my best to reflect other's inner beauty because we are all like pearls precious, and valuable.

Mohaly said...

Yes Beauty is buried under the distorted surface..