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Thursday, August 2, 2007

239) Mon3'araf Tareekheeeee!!

I want someone to tell me when wasnt Egypt passing through MON3ATAF TAREEKHEE in the last 200 years!

French Occupation?
Muhammed Aly's Nahda?
Suez Canal?
Ismail challenges?
British Occupation?
1919 Revolution?
World Wars?
Nasser Wars & 'Reforms"?
6 October?
Sadat Assassination?
Economic Reform?
Gulf War?
"Political Reform"?

E7na fe om el mon3ataf da ba2alna 200 years!

Aw kama kal al sha3er...
Edi Zoba Za2a, 3eeb mat2olshi la2a!!!



Gypo said...

Sekket abo zeid malyana mon3atafat. bass elly oddam abo zeid delwa2ty da mesh mon3ataf, da matab tareekhy

Yasmine said...

wala 7atta matabb, it's a black hole :D

Mohaly said...

hehe, perfect choice ya yasmine...fe3lan it is a black hole (but el hole feen belzabt ;)