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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

250) May Allah bless my late friends souls

A shocking news while I am away in Qatar...My old colleague Reem Abaza has passed away in a terrible accident. I am loosing at least a friend or relative every year in these damn accidents.

May Allah bless her soul...

Mohaly - Qatar.


Anonymous said...

I knew Reem from different social circles years ago before my departure to the US where I reside now. May God bless her soul. My wife, who knew Reem from her times in the German School, can't believe the sad news. Something needs to be done about those accidents. All of our ministers and officials have lived for years in Europe or North America. Haven't they ever thought about the implimentation of real traffic laws with proper road maintenance? What the hell are they waiting for? Does it have to be the death of some official or the son of someone in power or some tourists for us to react? Doesn't the life of Egyptians mean anything to anyone any more? Something must be done about this ongoing death toll on Egyptian roads. The annual numbers are similar to those of countries in civil wars. Please make a daily count and you will understand the tragedy we are undergoing in a country that claims to be the most advanced in the Middle East and Africa! Reem came from a well known, rich and established family. I hope someone in her family reads my words and decides to form a road safety company that provides road assistance to victims and sends well equipped doctors and ambulances to scenes of accidents. I hope they mobilize the rich and famous in Egypt to sit with their friends in the government to find solutions to this tragedy. I hope they do not let Reem's assassination go in vain and turn it into a worthy cause. Reem was assassinated because of the selfishness and poor management of all those who can do something in Egypt. Allah Yer7amek ya Reem we yer7am amwatnah gamee3an we yessaber ahlek we as7abek.

Mohaly said...

Thanks Anonymous (name?) for your valuable addition...

you are totally right, but I guess it is not only the government role to do it, we have to move on the civil front whether the govermnet moved or not..

We are loosing almost 6,000 per year and that is more than what we lost in 1973 war imagine!

I am personally taking part in the management consulting for a new conference organized by one of my old colleagues in AUC in coordination with the government for road safety in Egypt..

you can check it at http://www.settecltd.com/TrainingPlan/DownLoadFiles/EventBreif.pdf but the conference now is in March not October.

Mohaly said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear Mohaly

Thank you for your reply. I worked at the United Nations for several years and there was an initiative on road safety. I negotiated and drafted the terms of the UN resolution. Sadly, our government did not see the matter seriously and I was barking down the wrong tree. I would like to take part in your initiative. I think I may bring something to the table. Furthermore, I would like to discuss other management issues with you. I am currently doing a full time MBA at a prestigious university in NYC. I have surfed your website and found out that we have a lot of ideas in common.

How can I get in touch with you?

For the time being I will leave you an email address for your kind consideration:

Signed: Ahmed

Finally, God bless the soul of Reem. Allah yer7amaha we yessabar ahlaha inshallah

Sam said...

I got this from the Fadafadation blog commenting on Death & Facebook...

The "Pray for Reem Mostafa Abaza" Facebook Phenomena!
Before i start talking about this i have to say: "God bless her soul and may she rest in peace (Al bakaa2 LelAh)".

For those who don't know who the girl is, she is an Egyptian who passed away in a car accident on the North Coast highway in Egypt. She was a young AUCian graduate (from the American University In Cairo).

This is not to talk about her (the deceased) or say anything about death. This is about the new "moda" that is ripping Egyptians (middle to high class ones).

What do i want to say ??

I want to ask Egyptians...

Ento malko? 7asaloko eh? 7ata fel moot ba2a feeh moda weee the "Hip" thing?
la2 seriously! what is wrong with you people?!!!

I mean, if any Egyptian has an account on Facebook surely (s)he'll find one or more of his\her friends either talking about that group "Pray for Reem Mostafa Abaza" or even being part of it.

If you check that group, you'll find people who have nothing to do with the deceased joining the group and saying things like:

besara7a ..ana ma3rafsh reem(all7yer7amha) bas ...
ana magtlesh el forsa any 2ashofk bas bgd konty ensana gamela...
heloo i really dont know Reem ..but i
And those were just a sample of what i am talking about...

One might ask me: "Why are you so annoyed? people are concerned about her and praying that God will forgive her and let her enter Heaven".

I'd answer back and say: "If you actually think that what you mentioned is my problem, then you misunderstood me!".

If someone dies and his\her friends make a group and do or say what is on that group, then of course that is normal and great actually.

Even for people that don't know her, for them to add note like "Allah yer7amha" that is very good too.

My problem is that i am feeling that "some" people (i am stressing on the some part) are joining in just because "Everyone" is heading there. In other words, because it is a "moda" or the "Talked About" thing.

Over the past few years Egyptians (middle to high class) have been heading towards an obnoxious trend of imitating each other, showing off and wanting to always be part of "The Hip thing or event".

What strikes me is that people are using the same mentality in death too.

I mean, for heaven's sake the group has 4,188 members! Obviously, most of them don't even know her! wala eh?!

Maybe you'd say:" Well, you should encourage people to stand together and not criticize them."

I'd answer:" I am not criticizing "ALL" people, i am criticizing the moda mentality (and whoever is doing it)".

For God's sake, some people who don't even know her want to help build a Mosque in her name!!"

You might say:" That's good...what's your problem?".

I'd say:" That proves the "moda" issue i am talking about. Because if this person - who doesn't know her - is so virtuous and kind to the the extent of building a Mosque for a stranger, then we'd guess that this is what he\she does for anyone. Does (s)he???!!!!"

Of course not!

Think of it, do you want to convince me that everyone on that group gives charity for someone they don't know or anyone who dies in an accident?

That of course is impossible and nonsense!

Thousands of people die yearly in Egypt because of accidents (official numbers are close to 6,000 per year). Non of you (pretenders) seemed so concerned!

You might say:" Well, you talk a lot...what do you do for people who die in accidents? you should practise what you preach!"

My answer is: "I don't do anything! That is why i am not part of the Pray Reem Abaza group!

i will not act or pretend and show off my feelings all over the place. Yes, my heart is with anyone who loses someone. But, tamseel wee manzara fel moot...la2 ma3lesh...keda keteer!"

Think of it this way..

Person X reads in the newspaper that someone he doesn't know passed away. He gets dressed and then goes to the funeral. He then gets out his wallet and "in fornt of everyone" puts money for charity for that person.

That is exactly what people are doing in our case here... showing off!

I even found some of the people i know going into that group. When i asked if they knew her, they didn't!

Then, why are you joining that group? i ask. The honest answer is\was\would be "Everyone is going in so we thought we'd see what's all this about!!!".

I might be overreacting, but my worry is that "some" people (stress again on some) are doing this just because the "IT" people (Aucians and all) are in there, so why not be part of the "hip thing"!

My concern is about the showing off that became part of our culture... even in DEATH!

Mohaly said...

Thanks Ahmed Anonymous, that is great... I added you to my MSN messenger so that we can get in touch.

Anonymous said...

Hassan, Reem's brother says: "Iam building a mosque for my sister reem the least i can do to her any one from this group can contribute even with a minumum amount will help out. The money has to go directly to me no one else unless i mention him or her. my number is 01221 77775 and here is the bank account for contribution
the account# 015 066699 001
HSBC bank
under the name of Hassan Mostafa Abaza"

كبر دماغك said...

Thank u mohamed and ahmed(anonymous)for ur sweet words about her...i never thought i will find bloogers writing articles about reem ! i was checking some blogs and i found this and other articles about reem till now my mind just cant accept she is dead fatma her closest friend kol shewya she look at me and ask me( enty mesada2a a2oaulaha la2 lesa i cant)
soub7an allah.. rabena yer7amhaa w yekremha w yesabrna
yeah fadfadation some how his right and i replied on his blog
sohier abaza reemz cousin

كبر دماغك said...


Anonymous said...

hello reem's friends and relatives, i want to deliver you some bad news.... Actually here in Egypt Reem's closest relatives and friends totallly forgot her.... lel asaf da 7al el donia el nas maba2etsh tata3ez we nesyet so fast their Dear REEM, allah yer7amha begad lao heya shayfana kaid heya mish mabsouta cuz all her friends beyshayesho f kheyam ramadan we peace khalis and au revoir reem ....

Anonymous said...

excuse me but who are you to say that her friends forgot her,i dnt think you new u reem at all.and i dnt thnk that anyone nws hw much pain her family and friends have went thru.going out does nt mean that they are happy .every one reacts in adiffrent way.so plz just stop judging people.

Mohaly said...

I support what you say "2nd annon.", going on doesnt mean forgetting her. Life has to go on one way or another, but it is not the same as before you loose your beloved ones!

Anonymous said...

First god bless her soul
Second: I never met her.
Third: I'm here cause this Reem Abaza Pray thing is irritating me too.. big time! How many people died in the last few years.. and how many blogs and groups were created for them? Is it because they were not as popular as she was? not part of the 'in' (hip) social groups? Not an Abaza? or is it that the Egyptian mentality can only deal with one thing (person) at a time?
How many sms and emails have I recieved stating that 'They'are building a mosque for Reem, and any contribution will be appreciated. And can't the Abaza's build it themselevs? They don't have enough to build a mosque? c'moonn. and. why a mosque? why not a permanent Ma2edat Rahman that feeds 100's of people?
Again it shows how shallow people are. All they think of is what to do so that Reem can get more 7asanat (points) and go to heaven. This is how they see life, death, religion, charity..
It's the same reason they only give away money and stuff or hold Ma2edat Rahman in Ramadan, then after... nothing!
What more can I say. The Egyptian society is going doowwwwnnn.. dowwwnn and it shows in every single thing! The problem is nobody knows.. or can't admit it.
Another blogger or 'anonymous' wrote here about this hip thing.. el moda.. and no one had anything to say.. no comment. Seems either you all agree.. or in denial!
Best Regards!

Anonymous said...

Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again - taking you feeds also, Thanks.