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Saturday, September 1, 2007

251) The Closed Loop!

Back from Qatar at last...

Guys, if you think Cairo is hot in summer, be my guest and try Qatar!!

Midnight and you still cant open the window....i stayed the WHOLE week in the room!!! Even if I went out there is nothing to do except 3 malls without extra-ordinary outlets or landmarks...

As my friends living there say it is all about the money... "In Qatar, El Felous zayy el Matar"...
Imagine the fresh Qatari graduate takes at least 7 times the fresh (AUC) graduate in Egypt!

Anyway when I met my friends who are living there, there was always this discussion about should we stay in Egypt and develop it or should we leave till it is better, and if we left how will it be better without the good people who left...it is a closed loop that needs to be broken!!



amina said...

7amdellah 3ala el salama

it is really an inetersting way to look at it mohaly

it is really confusing!!

by the way where is fatiflure?

Fadfadation said...

You have tasted what we are bitterly tasting here... boredom! lol

As for the question your friends raised... it crosses my mind all the time

Sohad said...

We can rotate every 5 years, nas the safer wee nas terga3:))