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Sunday, September 16, 2007

272) Momken Net3araf!!

Yesterday I had a meeting at 10pm for the MILE organization (I am its Egypt team leader), el mohem... While I was there with my friend Sherif (Establisher) who came from UAE for just 2 days for our meetings, we suddenly found my mobile asking me if i can accept a bluetooth message from "TOTA.TOTI". I definitely rejected (waste of time, virus,..etc reasons).

Less than a min, same message appeared on my and Sherif's mobile as well..we ignored and continued the meeting...5 mins later Sherif got the message again, so he decided to accept and see...surprisingly we found message saying "momken ne3araf ;)" ...so we laughed and said meen el ray2a el fadya di (hopefully el ray2a mesh el raye2!) ....

5 mins later we got another message "ana 3ayaza ashoufak!" at this moment there were only 3 girls in cilantro and it was obvious that it was one of them specially she was starring at us all the time.. We couln't turn the bluetooth off coz we needed it.

We just ignored the whole thing and moved on with our meeting till they left. I cant believe the girls attitude, and specially in Ramadan....Feen el 7aya?



omar said...

howa eih eli 7asal lel banat fe masr?!

7ad men el banat beto3 el blog yeshra7 please!

Sal said...

i think u shouldn't ask what happened to the Egyptian girls u should as what happened to the Egyptian community.All thing went wrong. No morals. NO traditions and no religion at all.
Many guys now prefer this kind of girls,they like the expert ones. They think they have more fun with

nourita said...

A lot of things shape one personality: education, religion, moral & values, social milieu…
Regardless of being a female or male each one of us has a background that plays a big role while interfering with others…
In the absence of solid background then you can expect anything


To your question, what I would have done if I were in your place…
I think nothing; I would have ignored them too

Gypo said...

I had the same thing two years ago when the bluetooth was the latest fashion, but this is not the problem, the problem as Sal said and as I pointed out on this blog a 100 times. There's something that got totally wrong with the whole Egyptian mentality and behaviour somewhere along the way.
I remember that discussion that was started by Yasmine about veiled girls in Egypt. El moshkela is that in all aspects of our life (in Egypt I mean) everything is surrounded by an aura of religion while deep inside it's all rotten and decayed. I'd rather live in a country that admits ennaha mon7alla and then you have the choice, rather than living in a country that claims purity (just superficially) while rotting on the inside.
Again there's something that went wrong along the way with the whole community.

Gypo said...

we ba3dein ya seedy badal ma to23od tet3ebna fel tafkeer fe asl el moshkela, eb2a roo7 et3arraf ya akhy wedres el 7ala 3elmeyyan web2a ollena el natiga.
enta sayebna 3ammalleen nehaty 3al fady we n7awel nefham 7aga kan momken enta elly te2olhalna men el awwel.
ya 3amm et3arraf.

Mohaly said...

Tani ya Gypo...unfort., many people still raise the hypocracy flag but this doesnt make us a rotten country (yet!), I still have hope and actions :)

Ok, next time I will take her telephone number and send it to you :)

Sal said...

no i agree with gypo that we are a rotten country men zaman. look i'm a doctor i work in biggest and oldest public hospital in middle east and i 'm staff member in university too. from my experience NO HOPE. unless that nuclear bomb destroys whole people( old and new generation) we nas gededh tegeh
I agree with him kaman, enk kan lazem teet3arraf. This was a new experience and u told me before that u like to know people with different interests.
u lost ur chance ya moh.

Mohaly said...

I know that 90% of the stuff we face make us feel that there is no hope, but believe me there are many people who still have hope and actions and believe that one day we will change (tab3an after the nuke bomb)..the last one i met was a young doctor bardo who dedicated his life to fight Virus C and is doing great, and we as MILE will be helping him and his HOPING TEAM to expand this difference...

Without hope, there is no change. Without hope, there is no life!


Knowing knew people is interesting tab3an ya Sal, but i dont think it is an appropriate way, and even if it is, mesh fe Ramadan :)

Bahaa Beih said...

Aside from discussions about the country and its state. I share your exclamation about how bold girls are becoming when it comes to situations like that. We're transforming away from an eastern society where a girl is expected to exhibit some "7aya2" in similar situations. We Egyptians could *expect* -not necessarily accept - such behavior from a guy not a girl. This is how we were brought up and how our culture and religion are like.
Anyways, I guess this is an inevitable side effect of the massive westernization waves that have been flooding our societies for years now.
After all, it's healthy to see people still rejecting such manners.

Sal said...

it was a joke . of course knowing these girls by this way is not appropriate at all even after ramadan.
di nas mokhaha fadi

Mohaly said...

Thanks Bahaa Bih for ur addition, and to assure you there are many people rejecting this...han2oul eih bad stuff are always catchy!

I know ya sal that u r kidding tab3an :)

Gypo said...

I have to clear my point as well. Ya 3am Moh matakhodsh el mawadee3 gadd awy keda ana kont bahazzar ma3ak as I like to tease you every now and then. wala fee ramadan wala ba3d ramadan khales. el 3alam dy fe3lan demaghha bayza. El zaher bass enta kont yomiha labes badla walla 7aga we 7ale2 da2nak we ghaleban 7atet ree7a(kalonya ya3ny) we na3eeman yafandy.

Yasmine Ismail said...

It seems that Egyptians have changed a lot in the last 5 years!

كبر دماغك said...

ya3nee this is nothinggggggggggg to what happened today to my old nanny.
my old nanny came to visit us today cause its ramadan! and some guy showed up and tried to rape her yes rape her fel share3 w heya gaya ..an old 50 years old lady a young guy tried to rape her in ramadan morning at 7am ! my house in alex desert road so its in the middle nowhere
yes am chocked yes i face and here alot of khara news like this every day bas mesh fe ramdan w set 3agouza w ghalabana
he tried bas she resisted and el natega she was beaten w etramet fel sa7ra
she was very ashamed and helples she told that she told him ( plzz leave me ana baraby aytaam w set kebeeraa and he continued trying )
we have a community problems based on political economical educational cultural crisis
howa dah ta7leley ya3nee for ay khalal in ay community w bezat fe masr w el araf that we see everyday

Mohaly said...


I dont see ANY execuse for ay 7ayawan to do such stuff especially for an old lady and kaman in Ramadan!!

I am really pissed off!!