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Sunday, September 23, 2007

286) Fawazeer Ramadan 11 - Emotional Stress!

Bona2an 3ala Talab EL gamaheer, I am oepning this issue for discussion...
I am quoting a comment from a blog reader (and editing some words):

Have you ever felt that you run away from emotions because you couldn't tolerate the stress of making a decision of commitment. After every time of failure, you say ok this will be the last time next time i 'll change my attitude, I'll be a good different person. However, nothing changes because the fear is always there.

11. Whether you feel this way or not, what is the right thing to do in your opinion?



nourita said...

if only i knew...

Mohaly said...

eih ya Nourita, you never felt this way before? actually the one who asked is a girl, and I guess it is a common thing among girls especially younger ones.

nourita said...

I'm the older ones then :)

well,i always feel this way even if it is not related to work...
I keep thinking abt details ad re-thinking
abt what should or should have not done ...
I decided to keep a journal with notes
=>The situation
=>How did i react?
=>what should i avoid for next time?

Mohaly said...

"I decided to keep a journal with notes
=>The situation
=>How did i react?
=>what should i avoid for next time?"

Perfect ya Noura :)) This is the best way to learn not only on the individual but on the corporate levels as well.

Sohad said...

Yup, I have an automatic defense subconscious mechanism
Beter3eb 2ay 7ad 3ala taree2et " wee kaman bet2olee saba7 el 7'air" ..fear from failure is behind it all at a personal level..don't have commitment issues fel sho3'l bel 3aks I give work more than should be..yet I didn't break the relationship code& dunno If I will do ..