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Saturday, September 29, 2007

292) Europe Blue Card

Due to the fact that the European community is aging and they need skillful workforce, they decided to introduce the BLUE CARD (zayy el Green Card Keda) to attract skillful workforce and compete with the US.

Tab3an this is good news for those Egyptian who wanna live in Europe...

Emta ba2a I see Egypt as a temptation inshallah 7atta Black Card :)


EU legislators back plans for US-style `blue card' program
AP, STRASBOURG, FRANCE Friday, Sep 28, 2007, Page 6
EU lawmakers on Wednesday backed plans for an EU-wide work permit to attract skilled workers, to offset labor shortages in the 27-nation bloc and combat falling birth rates and demographic shifts.
A proposal to introduce an EU "blue card" -- inspired by the US Green Card -- is to be presented by the European Commission on Oct. 23. It aims to attract engineers, IT specialists and other highly qualified workers from Asia, Africa and Latin America, who currently prefer North America and Australia over Europe.


Gypo said...

Aho keda el kalam, 3ala el a2al yakhdo shwayyet chinese men elly mo7talleen Australia dol.
el population hena fee australia 20 million ta2reeban 20% menhom chinese!!!

Mohaly said...

maho el 3alam kolo 20% menno chinese :)

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Good news for me :)