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Friday, September 7, 2007

260) The Wii Revolution

First time to play Wii was yesterday where we had a Wii tournament after work for Spot Local team in Hurghada....it was amazing!!

For the first time you really feel that it is a productive game where you move and feel tired, and really feel the heat of the game!!

I woke up with a sore arm after playing boxing anf Golf for the first time in my life, and feels as if I am doing it in reality!

Anyway, try Wii.com for more info and it is not very expensive for the quality and value (about 2500 LE and getting cheaper every day).
Mohaly .. iiiiii ;)


omar said...


wait for the fitness version in January

it is rocking Dubai

Tamer Mokhtar said...

in general i don't like gaming, but when bo2bo2 bought the Wii and i tired, i found that it doesn't make any sense to not get all this fun and pleasure.

and i decided to buy my own Wii, to Wiiii :)

and i agree the price comparing with the fun i get is fair :)

but keep on eye on what's coming from the Wii, i heard some porno games are coming "not sure about it" but it reacts when u move, so it's possible :))))))

check youtube for funny wii clips .