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Friday, September 14, 2007

270) Fawazeer Ramadan 2 - 1st in the Blog!

2. What was the 1st post you have read in this blog?



sal said...

Memories of old TV ads.
i was looking through friends of one of my friends on the face book. then i found u. i looked through ur profile. i discovered that u have a blog. i opened it i read this article. it was really nice.
nice work Mohamed

Mohaly said...

Hi Sal,

Thanks a lot, glad that u liked it :)

By the way who is our common friend?

Hope to see u as a regular reader to this blog and see ur comments/ideas too.

nourita said...

Marriage in th 21st century

But i can't tell how i landed on this blog...pure chance!

Mohaly said...

that was for our good luck to have you and the Morrocian audience here Nourita :)

Tamer Mokhtar said...

all i remember that i pushed u to start blogging :)

on that time you had some concerns about the blogging right :)

Gypo said...

Gamal Moubarak, cons and pros

Mohaly said...

yes ya tamer, i was planning to start it in the summer, but you (then Amir) pushed me to start it since the begining of the year...Thanks ;)

Mohaly said...

Gypo...then Gamal Mubarak is te reason behind meeting my twin mind..So7an Allah :)

SAl said...

we are not friends any more, i removed him form my contact list in face book.
i think u went to collage together.
but i don't think u are close, cz u have different interests. he doesn't read at all!!!
Any ways, i knew about this blog through him. may be it is the only benifit of his friendship

Mohaly said...

oh,sorry to hear that sal..I hate it when people break friendships :(

I usually have friends with different interests coz i like to be enriched with the different views in life..but the close ones are the ones who thinks the same way or have common interests for sure!

Anyway, you can consider that you have a new friend now instead of the one you lost, and you have my mail in the profile.

P.S. Sal stands for what (Salem, Saleem, Saleh, Sally, Salma...?)

Sal said...

Thanks u r so kind.
just to want to ask how do u think u could make a change?????????

Sal said...

Sorry i know i have asked many questions today.but i think i need ur help. When will the seminar of stress Management and positive Thinking be held again and how can i attend.
Thanks in advance

Mohaly said...


Thanks a lot for asking such question. The answer may need a separate Email :) but quickly:

1. I defined most of the problems that need change and the degree of dissatisfaction.

2. I set a vision of what can be changed and what I can be part of its development (e.g. education, teamwork, awarness, development...etc).

3. I put long, medium, and short term goals for this vision and start first practical steps (e.g in my case I decided to shift my career to be a Corporate Trainer and Consultant where I interact and make a difference with different people, same thing for writing in blogs and articles, in addition to NGOs and community development work).

4. I make sure that I understand the natural resistance to change and not wait till I see the results but go on and do my best and cluster the efforts with other people having the same vision to stand on more solid ground to beat the resistance.

I hope that this have answered your question.

Mohaly said...

Sal, regarding the next Stress Management Course, it will be from October 21st to October 25th from 5-9pm (most prob. in heliopolis).

I will post my post-ramadan till end of year schedule this week in-shaa-Allah :)