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Monday, September 10, 2007

264) MEMORIES::: 3ala Bali!!

This song....one of the best songs that were ever composed about Egypt & Egyptians.... every time I hear it, i can feel my tears clustering in my eyes...I just LOVE it, and love my elder colleague Aida El Ayoubi, she was a sincere singer and is missed in the current mess of "modern Arabic music!".

I used to love the song since I was in high school/early college, but now I love it more because it just simplifies my vision regarding my country...Masr!

3ala bali......3ala bali
7abibi..3ala bali
3ala bali...3ala bali
Ebn Baladi 3ala bali

La ya Masri La La
La we 2alf La
Tohgor Baladak wetsebna

Leih Tohgorna we 2albak ye2sa
Leih Teb3ed we 7abaibak Tensa
Leeeeeeeih, yabn baladi Leeeeih!


L.G. said...

عارف ليه يهجر بلده ويسيبها عشان مينقهرش ويموت .. عشان يلاقي فرصة يعيش هو وعيلته . مين بيخرج من بلده وبيته وأهله وناسه الا لو كان مضطر ؟؟
ولو ان الأغنية جميلة بس معلش في مصر تانيةلما مصر تبقى بتاعة المصريين

Mohaly said...

masr 3omraha mahateb2a lel masreen if they left it!!!!

nourita said...

Immigrants spend most of their years running, postponing life…
At the end what they gain is nothing, when compared with what they loose...
I agree with u Mohaly
"masr 3omraha mahateb2a lel masreen if they left it!!!! "

samya said...

A kind word, two more kind words for my country
A sweet song, two more sweet songs for my country

My hope was always, my country
To return to you, my country
To always be near you

All those memories from the past
Still remain with me, my country

My heart is filled with your stories
Memories of you, my country

My first love was in my country
She is impossible to forget

What happened to those days?
Before I left you
When we use to say is impossible
To be apart

Each tear that falls to my cheek
Is filled with hope of us being together
On the shores of your sea of love