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Monday, September 24, 2007

287) Blog Audience/Target

Just a quick note..

This blog is talking to people who either want to develop or develop others; i.e. the upper ends in Moslow's hierarchy of needs (i.e. Self-Esteem & Actualization). If you are not looking for such stuff then you will not benefit from our discussions, but you are welcome to read and comment.

It seems that there are people who don't understand how to manage differences in thoughts and opinions as they start their discussion or mail by "wrong answer, or "lakad ganabak al Sawab" ...etc. and expect the other not to be provoked!

Sabah El fol :)


omar said...

yanhar abyad da meen da (or dih) el za3al mohaly el gameel
ma3lesh emsa7a feya ;)

nourita said...

I am highly interrested :)

Mohaly said...

Actually I thought that it is an enrichment to engage people with completely different background in this blog discussion, and was happy to see them joining. In the beginning it was great to know the other side of the world (other social classes in Egypt) but he/she (wont say a name) insisted every time that we are different, and I tried to push the idea that we can start from the common ground even if 10% only since we have the same vision of developing this country.

After a while I found messages telling me "how can i have this or that opinion" and I have written stuff that he/she doesn’t like, plus words like "wrong reply, lakad ganabak al sawab" and you don’t represent or talk to the other classes (eli mesh la2yeen yaklo fe masr) and stuff like that.

I was provoked and tried to show it, but he/she still doesn’t see it till the very last email i got this morning saying "goodbye forever"!!

The weird thing is that I asked him/her to post and challenge each other on the blog so that people can share and add, but he/she insists on sending me on email! even this post which is about him/her, he/she copied and answered through email..

These people cant understand that change doesn’t come from people eli mesh la2ya takol or ignorant ones. change will come from those who understand, have the power to change. This doesnt mean that the other people are ay kalam and i shouldn’t be talking to them; on the contrary, they will be the first one to benefit from the change driven by the intellectual society and elite coz if they changed fe3lan, haytesele7 7al el balad.

Anyway, it was an experience and opportunity to reinforce the scope of this blog and my vision in life in general, in addition to another proof that we still don’t have the culture of CONSTRUCTIVE CONFLICTS that push us forward not make us run and say goodbye4ever!

Anyway, I will not generalize, coz I know people from different backgrounds who really adds a lot to my writing, and my life in general.

Fata7ti fat7a kebeera ya Noura :)

GYPO...I need to know what do you think about that!

Mohaly said...

ah and by the way...he/she never told me till now WHAT WAS HE/SHE AGAINST IN MY POSTS/COMMENTS?!!

Gypo said...

Ya Mohaly, first of all you shouldn't have got angry in the first place because this is an open discussion (the blog) and you should be able to bear a lot of criticism even if it totally opposes yours, but since I never read the emails which were sent to you I can tell you that some things are really silly and not even worth the time spent on reading them (plus analyzing and answering back).
You should've known better since the beginning that the guy's got an inferiority complex for many reasons
1- He started by mentioning "el nas el ghalaba" which automatically built a solid wall between himself and interacting with "el nas betoo3 el gam3a el amrikeyya" because as he said on his first comment, we're watching the image from two different perspectives(although it's the same perspective no matter how hard you tried to convince him that we're living in the same circumstances).
2- He's a he and not a she, because if it was a she with an inferiority complex, she would've directed the hatered towards other girls not you (because she would have felt much more inferior talking to a guy with that much education, and apparently wealthier than her)
3- And the most important part is that he was sending private messages, the guy can't face being criticized at all, can't say his opinion openly, shy or ashamed to let everyone read it(You shouldn't have answered these emails and forced him to write in the blog).

There are lots of people who feel the same, people who feel like outsiders among their own people, you can do nothing about it. Ya seedy ma ana mesh kharreeg AUC, ana kaman gam3at 7okoomeyya men beta3et el ghalaba, feeha eih. Enta ya Mohaly betesta3arr men as7abak kharreegy 3ein shams wel kahera?? walla 7atta ma3had?
People like this guy will always hate other people who got better education, who lived better lives, who had nicer childhoods, wealthier parents,........the list is endless but,..
what did they do to change their situation. If they look for a job that requires computer skills, they wont take a course to improve theirselves, all they do is hate members of higher society levels who'll get the job for they had enough skills (as if we didn't study it, we were just born with the required skills). If the job requires languages, they just envy language school graduates for getting the job. It's simple, they do nothing for themselves, and in an interview, they lack the confidence to sit infront of another HUMAN and convince him that they're as good as AUCians.
Don't bother yourself too much about it, I know that the guy still reads the blog and most likely will start swearing at me, but I really don't care for people who don't care for themselves.

Mohaly said...

Thanks a lot for the analysis..

1. u r smart u knew whom i am talking about. I wont say if person is a he or she, unless he/she wanna reveal

2. I am not angry or not tolerant because of the opposition...bel3aks that is what attracted me but to have a CONSTRUCTIVE conflict where we both win a new prespective. What made me angry is insiting on starting with words that say I am wrong before even knowing wrong about what!!

3. I sent him/her asking to post on the blog but I cant ignore someone's mail bardo. He/she said that he/she is not writing here again, but I am sure he/she is reading what we post (and most prob. he/she will kill you soon :).

4. You are right in some stuff, but some other I felt that you were harsh 7abeteen, we dont wanna generalize bardo :)

5. ya ret kol el nas zayyak, life would have been much easier :)


Gypo said...

Thanks a lot ya 7abib alby. You always provoked me to write. I posted a new story about personal success of a person I had the honour to know personally. Hope you read it.