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Sunday, September 30, 2007

293) The Bright Side of Egypt II - Moez Masoud

The first one I choose to shed light on, in this series, is Moez Masoud. If a picture is better than 1000 words, then a video is better than a million..

I know this guy since 7 years, and he has always impressed me in the way he thinks (in business @ that time) and now in life and religion. I will write about him again soon in-shaa-Allah.



nourita said...

He impresses me too, his self-confidence , his serenity,the way he thinks...I agree he is an ex of the bright side of Egypt.

amina said...

this is the right understanding of islam

sara said...

May Allah assist Moez in all he does for God's sake.. Amen.

Mohaly said...

he is pure from inside, and Allah will assist him in-shaa-Allah

thanks sara and welcome to the blog.

Fatiflower said...

I was enjoying his program "Tareek el Sa7" on Iqraa in Ramadan. I think that the transparency (I am not talking about the political word transparency) of his soul and mind makes us feel that he talks about every one of us using really impressive language "motamaken men lo3'a) to touch our souls and our minds. When I saw the video I felt that my pride of being Muslim increased.I really respect this guy and I pray Allah to assist him in his mission.
Thank you Mohaly for sharing, with people like you and like Moez Islam will never fade.