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Thursday, September 27, 2007

290) The Bright Side of Egypt - Part I

I was, am, and will be optimistic about the future of this country. I will keep on giving my thought, time, and effort for taking part in its positive change. For those who still have hope and working or even supporting us, I am dedicating a group of posts "The Bright Side of Egypt" about young Egyptians some of them are my friends, or I know personally, or I dont know at all. What is important is that we all share the same vision of developing this country and the whole Arab and Muslim communities in-shaa Allah...

One day, when everyone can clearly see the light, you will say, these people weren't kidding, they really believed in their duty as Egyptians and as Muslims to do a positive change even -as i always say- if we didn't see it in our life time.

I am listing the people -including myself- I know personally or I have worked with, who gave, and still giving a lot of their time and effort to make our community a better place in donya and even akhra. I am sure that there are 100s of us everywhere and some day - not far- we will make the difference.

Abdel Rahman
Ahmed Zahran
Ehab Abdou
Mahmoud El Hefnawy
Maggie Tawfik
Moez Mas3oud
Mohamed Aly (aka Mohaly)
Mohamed Yehia Fahmy
Nesrine Khaled
Sherif Saleh

and others to come ...

Anyone who has a success story or wanna post something about The bright side of Egypt, please email me at mohaly.mail@gmail.com

May Allah Bless us All,


Gypo said...

I wish I had my name on this list.

Mohaly said...

I am sure you will when you are back in-shaa Allah :)

amina said...

rabena yewafa2ko :)