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Monday, September 17, 2007

275) Fawazeer Ramadan 5 - WCs!

5. Why do we need an official opening for a WC!!! and Can anyone explain the design in the bottom picture?!


omar said...

i couldnt stop laughing on the 1st picture! el nas di me7taga tet3aleg nafseyan :)

2ama 3an el 2nd picture fa el tarawa 7elwa 3ashan el DIFFUSION of unwanted smell :)

amina said...

why the waste of time and effort for opening a WC in the first place, and what does it represnt!

i really dont understand the 2nd picture, it seems that as if they had an extra one and didnt know where to put!

Gypo said...

For the first picture, tab3an el sayyed el lewa2 akhad gawla tafaqodeyya fel monsha2a elly eftatat7ha, we tab3an 3arado 3aleih 3ayyena men montagat el monsha2a dy.
Amma el soora el tanya, fawade7 en da 7ammam taweel el 3omr yetawwel 3omro, la2en e7na zayy ma howwa bey2ool 3aysheen fee azha 3osoor el dimocrateyya, wel shafafeyya. ahoh ma3endenash 7aga nekhabbeeha 3an el nas koll she2 bena3melo fel noor, 7atta el .....