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Sunday, September 2, 2007

254) MEMORIES::: Old TV ads

Do you remember that every year or 2 there was 1 model doing all that ads like Mervat Mongy, Nesreen, Naila El Farouky, Yasmine Abdel Aziz....etc.
Do you remember the SUPER ADS of Tarek Nour that were 7adeeth el madina and we sing it together in Ramadan!

Do you remember Ma7moud, eih da ya Ma7moud....Kabnoury Alamoyoum...Gebt EL melabes men kovarteena...ageeb gehazy meneen, men 3abd el re7im Amr......masr lel ta2meen ya 3am amin before every single fazoura!....3abad el shams seella for Galal Zaki, the longest commercial TV ad ever (100 seconds)....el hanem el 7amra....shay el 3arousa....Edeeny Frankee Samy....wana wana a7eb el 3askary....and tab3an e3lanat Kareema Mokhtar :)

P.S> you have to be born in the 70s or at least very early 80s to remember...



bo2bo2 said...

yaaah i never knew i was that old
i remember people's comments on the newspapers abou ma7moud eh dah ya ma7mood :)

bo2bo2 said...

sorry in the newspapers

Fadfadation said...

At those days, everyone used to find some ads obscene!

omal delwa2ty eeeeeeeeh? lol!

I remember all you are talking about... a sense of za3al takes over me when i remember those days.

I think the child\teen inside of me what to come back :)

Mohaly said...

That is the exact feeling I got when I wrote it ya FAD.

Gypo said...

ya sater ya mohaly!!!
enta fakkarteny bel ayyam el khawaly.
but I went a bit further...
faker ba2a e3lan tanzeem el osra?"7asaneeeeeeeen we m7ammadein"
we e3lan marlboro county? the marlboro man?
Tayyeb faker el ad beta3 Miramax cassette tapes? or was it BASF? mesh faker, but it was about an opera singer that could break crystal wine glasses on a high pitch and at the end of the ad the glass breaks in front of a speaker and written underneath it was cristal clear audio quality?
The famous old spice ad, a surfer going underneath the wave crest and Carmena Borana playing in the back ground?
ya ragel da zaman fat wel wa7ed mesh 7ases.

Gypo said...

wel tar7a welzoum el zefaf, azbany dah ya 3afaf?
lalala2 men 3and haroun(that one was discusting).
- El salam shobeng Center

Gypo said...

Beryony:"okhty el mo7aggaba el beryouneyya!!!"

Mohaly said...

ya sater 3eek enta ya gypo i eas talking 15-20 years ago now you got us 25 years ago or even more.

But if you noticed we still remember them by hard, I dont think because of the great ideas but it was one of the MAJOR entertainment stuff on TV at that time!

We are breaking the rules of marketing :)

Gypo said...

Memories that go 25 years back in time.
It freaks me out, but I can still remember.

Gypo said...

Just one macarona, macarona nour 3ala naghamet O sole mio

ahmed said...

ser shhhweeeeeeeeeeepsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

lao said...

do u remember kaman ezzalo galo ray7lo balooo,,and adeeny lebana men el se7ry eshme3na el se7ry moser 3aleh?,,,and baby kadlez saba3 taba2aat we astek,,maybe not too far as i was born 1984 but i feel enohom kano men zaman awy

Mohaly said...

u really went far in the blog..
now these posts sound old on their own :)