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Thursday, September 2, 2010

716) Fawazeer Ramadan ::: Number C !

El Fazoura: Where does the letter "C" appear in the spelling of the numerical figures (One, Two, Three...etc)?


Anonymous said...

it shows in 3, 5, 6, 8, and 9
and shouldn't this post be number 716, not 715?

Mohaly said...

Anon: Think Again..

p.s. yes, thx

Anonymous said...

it shows in the picture, i mean in the way the numbers are written. not the spelling
welcome ya fandem
sorry, forgot to mention it is
and there is someone who used my name few days ago!!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL, when it is Egyptian television :) Ferst ov all, namber b, namber C??!! All English All Za Time?

paxmachina said...

Well are we talking about arabic (1,2,3..) or roman numerals?

In that case C is 100! :)

paxmachina said...

well the ramadan actresses on sat tv are always uttering:


so there you go!

Mohaly said...

Anon: The question is about Spelling not the pic :)

using ur name: a7san, if u use ur identity it wont have had happened.

Mohaly said...

injis and pax: LOL

but no, check the spelling of the numbers and think when does C comes in.

Anonymous said...

i have no identity.
X,Y,Z, whatever you put is applicable for me.

on second thought, the letter C does not appear in the spelling of any of the mentioned numbers.
the answer is then simply it does nowhere

Sue said...

Octillion (27 zeroes)

Decillion (33 zeroes)

And all the numbers we've never heard of starting from the Octillion, lots of Cs.... :)

Is this the answer to your question Mohaly, or you have an underlying meaning to your question??

Shabib said...

spelling or pronunciation ?

Hicham said...

Since the question is about spelling therefore there is no letter "C", I guess!

Shabib said...

yes that is exactly what i wanna say NO

Cs in the spelling but in the pronunciation we can mention the

6 - 7

Am i bafty as all the Masraweya do? :)

Sue said...

There's a "s" sound but not a "c" sound in the numbers..cause in the pronunciation, it's sounds represented by symbols rather than letters. In the IPA chart, the "c","s", etc is represented by the symbol "s" if it's pronounced "s"....ya3ni for example cat is "kat" and six would be transcribed siks and seven would be sev(schwa)n, and so on....

So according to Mohaly's question, about the letter C, it would be in the realllly large numbers, after the Septillion, and starting with the Octillion there're a lot of large numbers with the letter "C"....

Mohaly said...

That was really an interesting discussion :)

It doesnt in any of the known numbers :))

(first number is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Octillion)

Bravo Sue :)

Sue said...

Thanks Mohaly :) Yeah, it was an interesting discussion and fazoura indeed :) :)