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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

715) Fawazeer Ramadan ::: Monsieur Mubarak !

President Mubarak has started yesterday his 57th visit to France in 29 years, which means that he is visiting France on an average of 6 months since he came to power in 1981 (the average frequency is every 3 months in the last 3 years).

El Fazoura: Are we going to be part of France? If not, why does our "beloved" president visit France that frequent. If it is even for tourism kan zamano zehe2!!



Shimaa Gamal said...

Well, the official reply for that will be because of the deep strategic relations between Egypt and France

And I don't think we will ever know the real reasons or what forms those strategic relations.

Presidential visits all over the world has two sides. One the official reason for the visit and the other is the real agenda.

As a citizen, you won't even know the real reason unless you lived long enough to see the documents released :D

!!? said...

...Metgawez wa7da 3la merato henak!!

Anonymous said...

بينما يواصل المصريون ضرب أخماسهم في أسداسهم بشأن مستقبل بلادهم، يصل الرئيس مبارك إلى واشنطن لحضور القمة الخماسية لإطلاق المفاوضات المباشرة لتحقيق السلام مصطحبا نجله "جمال"، ما اعتبر دليلا إضافيا على انه قد يكون الخليفة المرتقب لوالده

paxmachina said...

LOL @ metgawez...Maybe bint khalet Carla!

Shabib said...

de mish Fawazeer Doc ..da ta3geez ...i couldn't solve any of them ...

well :

- may he loves France and related to a specific restaurant "has no delivery service"

- may he has a SMALL business and he is following on the progress ...

- may he visit friends who can't visit him

- may he is taking a French course and he visit France to practice the language

- and i agree on being married but i think may he is visiting her grave ...!! or check on his children .. e7m .. i mean grand children

i'm giving you hell of answers please make me win the prize ...

Mohaly said...


Tab beyakhod Suzane leih?

Did anyone notice that all the pictures posted in Ahram this visit to France or USA are from the archive, that is a sub-fazoura!

Shabib said...

ya3ny delw2ty fazorteen fe youm wa7ed we7na saymeen

ana 5alaya mo5y baysha men el seyam :((

Hicham said...

I see our politcal life is a series of Fawazeer Ramadan, so the question for me is where are we going because we don't realy know what'll happen.