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Sunday, September 6, 2009

600) Tribute to Life & Death; Tooti & Didi !

For those who joined the blog after the 500th post, I do dedicate every 100 post to someone.

This time I am dedicating it to 2 people who are very much related but have never seen each other. Actually one of them has just arrived right after the other left. I am dedicating this post to my grandma "mama didi" who left us in 2009 to a better world, and to my lovely niece "tooti" (nour) who arrived in 2009 too.

Didi and Nour are very close to me, and I have been wondering about the timing of their leaving and arrival. Is it a message from God to tell us that there will always be compensation someway, somehow, or it is just pure coincidence?!

In all cases I am always remembering my grandma, and LOVING the feeling of the uncle. Nour is a VERY fussy baby who needs 25 hours attention per day. Her father now is in Saudi, so I am her "Acting Father" now, and that is a new experience for me especially with such a young age. The good thing that I am the one whom she smile to the most, and we already have our song and dance :) I treat her as if she is 1 year old and she is less than 2 months old!

God Bless Nour and Rest Didi's soul in Heaven.


P.S. in the picture, I was so tired from pampering Noor all day on weekend, so we spontaneously took a nap together, and my sister couldn't pass the moment without capturing it :)


kochia said...

كنت مستنية البوست رقم 600 هتكتب فيه ايه ..
اكيد ربنا بيعوض دايما.. ومش بياخد حاجة من حد عشان يضايقه او يعذبه
حاشا لله
بتكون اختبارات
وبيبعت لينا بسمة .. زي الطفلة الجميلة دي .. نمسح بيها الحزن ونبص لشئ جميل ومتفائل

ارجو ان تكون اب لطيف ليها لحد ما يرجع والدها

Maha Aly said...

I had the feeling that this post would be for baby noor, but the way u linked her arrival & ur grandmom leaving is really so touchy.
May god bless the cute little doll 'tooti' &bless ur grandmom soul.

Elham Salah said...

The second photo is very expressive, as it talks and tells about the close relation between u and noor, I liked it very much

amina said...

Reading post 500 and this one, it seems that you gonna be a good husband great father inshaa Allah.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a gift to have the sanity to observe those kinds of reflections, because life is full of them.

May God have mercy on your Grandma, and may He protect Noor all your lives, Amen.

And the picture of the nap ya Mohaly, omg begadd, I don't remember when exactly did I see anything sweeter than this!

She's very little! rabena ye7fazhalkom gamee3an :)

ahmed said...

I like the way you linked life and death. I really do love the tributes you make and the whole system of this blog.

H.A.W. said...

its not coincidence. nothing is left for coincidence in this world. its Allah's hand :))))
giving a smile instead of the tear.
both ladies met actually, in your and in your family's hearts.
enjoy the tiny lady's smiles.
i bet she is a very demanding one :))))

Just a Reader said...

May Allah have mercy on ur grandma and bless nour.

May you have a blessed Ramadan

Mohaly said...

Thanks a lot Guys for your warm wishes :)

To all mothers here, rabena yekon fe 3onko (especially working mothers).

insomniac said...

May Didi's soul rest in peace...

and the nap photo, God, it brought so many memories, my little one would only fall asleep like that, and accordingly, that was the only way i could get any sleep!

enjoy being an uncle ya mohaly, rabena ye7fazha :)

norahaty said...

May ALLAH bless
both of them.
is always
linked to
so we think
which of them
comes first and
which comes last!

Fareed Elsherbeny said...

I am sure that God always compensates us with someone who can be a source of our emotional security..... As for the new baby (TiTi), I am sure that Allah would bless her for you.. It is definitely a new experience dealing with babies in such an age... I came to this feeling sometime ago with my niece ( Malooka) and my nephew ( Khaled). I feel so happy even for seeing them and they all the time play, laugh and provide me with a source of happiness in life

MariannE_N said...
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MariannE_N said...

Mohaly :-)))))
When my dad passed away I was 16 years old, I was sitting (fi ka3et el 3aza2) mesh fahma 7aga and wondering eza kanet el donia hatastamer ba3d keda, Dad was a symbol of safety ... wana fi masha3er el 7ozn di I saw a little baby playing fel ka3a, he was I think 2 years old, and he draw a smile on my face, I don't know this baby and I thought I will never smile again. wa2taha 3ereft the power of "LIFE" we ezay life and death complete each other (it is not easy for me to say this because I missed someone who was my shelter and my fortress and without my dad i turned to be a scared girl in this world) bas this is the truth.

May God rest the soul of mama Didi

P.S Nour is awesome and I am sure playing with her is priceless :-)

Hicham said...

Mohaly, isn't it amazing how in the same year a close one left whereas another close one arrive?

p.s. I am sorry for not following up with you as regular as I used to because of being busy. Apparently this shall exsist for sometime and thanks for following up with my posts :)

Willy said...

This is the true essance of life with all the emphatic senses of the word "7adeeth el sabah wal masa2" and i believe this is what makes us go on in our lives despite any pain and loss.

it needs a deep contemplation to realise such secret. God bless your Noor