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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

471) Fawazeer Ramadan - The 5 pounds!

Fazoura: What is the difference between the 2 announcements!!

It reminds me of Ahmed Helmy's new Movie: Rakam Khamza bedahakak!!



Mona said...

I am actually curious about the frown/sad faces stuck to the sign.
Were they stuck to the sign for real or has the photo been edited?

omar said...

it seems like it is edited Mona, but why?!
the answer ya mohaly: the one who did it is Hafez mesh fahem!

Mona said...

Omar, why what?

omar said...

why should someone edit a picture to put such silly stuff?

Mona said...

Maybe they wanted to express their discontent with the admission fees to the facility in a politically correct manner or they are just being goofy or creative, who knows.