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Saturday, September 13, 2008

469) Fawazeer Ramadan : Disasters Acceleration!

Fazoura Begad!

Why does the acceleration of natural and man-made disasters dramatically increase in Egypt during the last couple of months?


Natural: Death of great Egyptian Intellecutals and honorable people (Mahana, Badawi, Nakkash, Younan, Messiri, Chahine, AbuGhazala,..etc.
Man-Made: Tremendous inflation, Darayeb Akaria, Thanawia Amma Cheating, Shura Fire, Talaat-Tamim, Deweaa (yes man-made), Hijacking our ships, Prison Riots, .... etc.
Yaah, dol keteer begad!


Shimaa Gamal said...

Don't you think it history repeating itself? Or maybe esharet el sama2 en something will happen fo2o ya naymeen.

Bas enta eh ra2yak fi en el majority is cheering lel masayeb di as if enaha bet7sal 3and el a3da2?

Mohaly said...

May be self-destruction or no hope or boredom, or all of the above!

Mona said...

On the natural events part-
I am really sorry to hear of your loss.

On the man-made part-
I believe that everything happens for a reason, maybe it is a sign that we need to take the time to examine the unexamined assumptions about our society that is producing unpleasant/possibly unintended outcomes.

Just a thought!

L.G. said...

في نهاية العالم يقبض الله العلماء ثم بعد ذلك يرفعه من القلوب
هذا فيما يخص موت الافاضل والكرام فكل منهم باب يدرء عنا الكثير وبموته تزيد الفتن

أما فيما يخص الكوارث فهي تزيد بزيادة المعاصي والفساد ويوجد آية في القرآن توضح ذلك إذا ظهر الفساد في البر والبحر

كذلك نبهنا رسول الله أنه في آخر الزمان سيكثر الهرج أي القتل الكثير حتى لا يدري المقتول لم قتل ولا القاتل لم قتل

نسأل الله العافية لمصر وللعرب والمسلمين وللإنسانية وأن يرفع سبحانه وتعالى مقته وغضبه عنا وأن نحسن نحن ونرجع لطريق الحق

حفظنا الله

ملحوظة فين الرجالة في المدونة يا محمد :)))

Mohaly said...

yes u r right LG about the end of the world thing, i checked it out :(

For the P.S, I really don't know why 90% of this blog audience are women, but I think this is something good as women can better express themselves than men, and their presence always give a nice flavor specially in a male-written blog.