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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

480) Ahlan Bel 3eed :)))

Just Wishing You All a Happy Eid :)))

Rabena Ye3adeeh 3ala kheir, we really need a break after all the incidents in Ramadan...

I really miss the old Eid with all the Fun and Satisfaction, we Safaa Aboul Se3oud :)

See you next Sunday after Eid vacation in-shaa-Allah :)



kochia said...

كل سنة وانت طيب
وان شاء الله عيد سعيد واجازة سعيدة


just a reader said...

Happy and Blessed 3eed to u all

Frustrated said...

Happy eid,
By the way, Safaa Abo Elsood never stopped showing on TV since the day she got married to the owner of the network:)