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Saturday, September 27, 2008

477) Fawazeer Ramadan: Love & Hate!

I have always wondered: 

Is it harder to love or to hate?!



gjoe said...

Indifference is the hardest part. Ba7ess enn ma7adesh bey3raf yegbha, even if they say they do.

Anonymous said...

to hate is the hardest part or according to your character.

Mai Fouad said...

To Love is the hardest as we do effort and always think and search about it but you don't do effort to hate someone it is just his bad actions or something

kochia said...

انك تحب هو الاصعب من وجهة نطر

Enas ELGhrory said...

من وجهه نظرى

من الصعب انك تكره حد حبيته....

كمان صعب تحب حد كرهته

بس مش صعب انك اول ما تعرف حد

تحبه او تكرهه!!!!

باختصار صعب تغير مشاعرك"

Shaimaa El Badry said...

its easy to hate.. (el shaytan mafeesh ashtar menno :))
but love is a bless.. few ppl get the chance to have it. The right meaning of it i mean. alot of ppl live their whole life searching for it & might never find it.

H.A.W. said...

why loose energy on thinking about hate aslan?
its a hard "spending" for those who have a loving nature, and its an easy choice for those who have a "black"nature.
but hate never wins, love always does. :))))

Willy said...

i guess hatred is far more difficult that love because to hate you need to gather all the negative feelings you are having and sometimes need to pretend to be someone else not you.... it needs effort.
hatred is a burden

but love is a suave feeling that comes to you keda and you enjoy the feeling