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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

489) Fe Shebr Mayah!

Is it believable that the greatest city in Middle East and Africa gets paralized every time it rains?!!


Anonymous said...


Mai Fouad said...


ana ha7kelkom 3ala 7aga zarefa yom elmatara deh
tany yom ro7y Gym fe Hotel esmoh elMasa eza bete3rafoh elmafrod enoh 7aga taba3 elkawat elmosala7a
elmohem la2et elbarkeh beta3 salet gym bayez wa abeb wel health club elkaharaba feh bayza wa fe agheza et7ara2et

eh fe eh elmaya da7'alet elmafrod en gym maben swimming bool wa open area kda wa awta menhom shewaya

tab ezay mafesh bala3at elbala3at mastaw3abetsh elmaya
mayet eh!! elmatara 7asesony enena 3ala 7'at elestawa2

kaman seme3t en lobby etmala maya wel nas ba2et teshel belgaradel maya min lobby hotel ely 3amlah elkawat elmosala7a ya mohandesy elkawat elmosala7a

wade7 en sakafet el7okoma kolaha keda "mafesh bala3at" mosh 3arfa ba2a homa fakren nafsohom fe 7eta mafehash matar wala fakrn en el2asfalt hayshrab elmaya

walahi mas7'ara kan nefsy sa3t elrayes ye3'rez fe Salah Salem this day :))

Mona said...

Hey guys,
I am actually having a hard time understanding the post's objectives and the posted responses to it.

Here is my comments on the post itself-
- "the greatest city in Middle East and Africa," this statement sounds a little egoic to me. The middle east is one nation and nobody is greater than anybody else. Unless it was meant as the greatest in numbers.

- The post raises an issue and does not propose a solution or even an attempt to find a solution.

Comments on the responses-
- It is unbelievable to me to find a smile response and a sarcastic response to a tragedy and other human beings misery.

>> That was my assessment/judgemental part speaking.

Here is my response to the post-
I am really sorry to see others having to go through these experiences to commute on a rainy day. I would have gotten some barrels and volunteered my time to clear the water off the streets to make it possible for these people to commute- that if I was in cairo at the time.

Until the governement come up with a way to drain the water and allocate the funds to do so, I think we all need to co-operate in finding ways to make this work for everyone, because we are all in this together.

Mohaly said...

Hi Mona:
1. I used greatest not out of ego but out of that Cairo is the biggest in size, population, tourist destination, and one of the oldest in heritage and history, and I meant to use it to show the reason of being shocked as such parameters should not make a city "beteghra2 fe shebr mayah"

2. I don't post solutions in every post, In this post I am expressing my wonder, and want to know why is this happening in such city!

3. I find it weird that some people find it funny too, but as the proverb says: Ham Yedahak we ham yebaki.

4. I like the pro-active spirit, but the most important is a working drainage system that is paid for from our taxes.

Mona said...

Thanks for the clarification Mohaly. I really appreciate it.

Mai Fouad said...

Hi Mona

aly kont 2a2sodo howa so2 elta7'tet wel ehmal fe kol makan fel shaware3 wa 7ata fel amakan ely elmafrod enaha mo7tarama

I think eno sa3b awy en elwa7ed yesahem eno yeshel elmaya min elshare3 tab hawadeha feen I don't think eno masmo7 eny masalan ashel 3'ata bala3a wa negeor elmaya ba2a bemasa7a masalan

elfekra enoh mosh sa3b 7'ales 3ala ra2es ay 7ay 7ases bemas2olaya eno yenazel 2 big cars yeshfoto elmaya deh


Mona said...

Thanks Mai, I am sure you had the best intention at heart.

My point is that as individuals of the society we need to take initiative. Because even with the little tools we have, we still have control over our lives. Playing the victim-hood role and blaming someone else for the kind of life we have did not and will not get us anywhere that is just my personal opinion.

Yasmine said...

seeing this photo makes me wince in pain.
I had to face this flood, and believe me Mohaly, it was much more than just one "shebr".
I was very worried driving through that water, and I drive a 4WD! Imagine how sedan owners felt!
It took me 3 hours that day to get home from Nasr City, a drive that shouldnt take more than 20 mins max!