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Thursday, October 9, 2008

484) The Prespective!

It is all about prespective! Earth can be the huge place that you can never explore it all, and it can be a tiny -almost unseen- point in comparison to the sun: a medium sized star in a galaxy that is one of the million galaxies in the "Samaa El Donya"!
All our fights, worries, plans, love, hate, money, birth, death,...etc is nothing when you see it in the right prespective...but our nature tends to always forget the bigger picture.

Sob7an Allah,


Mona said...

As much as I love the talk about perspectives, the subjective reality, I have recently developed an interest in the absolute and how could one find the objective truth through the subjective lens. No great discoveries yet but maybe soon.

Mohaly said...

cool mona, please share with us when done :)

Anonymous said...

can i please use a copy of the picture u included in this post? :) I really like it

nourita said...

thanks for this post!

nour said...

sob7anak raby ma khalakt haza batelan