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Monday, October 13, 2008

486) Zaman Wana Soghayar!

I dont know why, but this song is overwhelming me these days.... 
begad yaretni fedelt soghayar!
Mohaly (in the Mid 1970s)

زماااان وانا صغير كنت بحلم ابقى كبير
تعب القلب واتحير مالدنيا ومالمشاوير
القلب كان برىء مليان بالوعود والحلم كان جميل مفروش بالورود
ولما كبرت قولت ياريت ما كنت حلمت ولا اتمنيت ....قولت يارتنى فضلت صغير زى زمان
انا من صغر سنى حاسس بشىء جوايا وحلمت زمان اغنى والكون يسمع غنايا
غنيت غنيت وفوسط الغنوة بكيت ....ولقيت الكون كلة بيتغير قولت يا رتنى فضلت صغير.
وحلمت زمان ببيت و بقلب يكون معايا ومالاحلام صحيت على جرح مالوش نهاية
وداريت وداريت الجرح فقلبى داريت و لقيت العمر يا دنيا قصير قولت يا رتنى فضلت صغير


Shimaa Gamal said...

You were really a cute kid :) mesh han2ool still cute 3ashan ma tet7sebsh mo3aksa ;)

lieh bet2ool enak keberet? why don't u keep the kid in ur heart? bel a7lam wel amal and mn 3'ier gar7

jessyz said...

I agree with Shimaa, as long as you are a kid at heart then no worries.

Mai Fouad said...

ana kaman ya retny fedelt so3'ayar
e7asas latef en 7ad ye3melak kol 7aga ye2akelak yeshrabak yegeblak 7agatak
wa aksa tomo7atak enak tegeb 3agala :))

aked kan feeling zaref

Only Love said...

hi mohaly:
how are you doing? :)
I really missed commenting in your blog, hope that u didn't forget me.
concering this topic bgad gamed i was just talking about this with one of my old friends, this girl i used to play with her. and i told her ( nefsy adfa3 senen kter mn 3omry now bas arga3 a3esh yom tany mn bto3 zman wna 3ndy 8, 9 senen keda ayam ma kona bnl3ab m3a ba3d, wy kant kol ma mama te2oly yala t3aly a2ol leha wenaby ya mama sebeny khams da2aye2 bas :) wy atef2 m3a so7aby ye3odo yezeno 3laha wenaby ya tant sebeha m3ana khams da2aye2 wenaby wenaby :) wy kant mn kotr el zan tezha2 wy tesebny :D

bas arg3 wy a2olak bardo delwa2ty you have to enjoy it the most coz I'm sure that now is better than the coming years. and may be after ten years keda te2ol wla yom mn ayam ma kont still youth wy baro7 wy bagy.
try to see and live the life with the eye of a cute kid :)

mohaly ya mohaly, ana 3mlt blog :D rbna yestor wy a3raf aktb feh haga kowayesa. bgd special thanks to you coz you were my role model for the bloggers. :)

Mohaly said...

Welcome back Only Love and thanks a lot for the really encouraging words :) Don't be away again!

I am glad that I am playing a positive role, and I will be following up your blog in-shaa-Allah..

Elham shaban said...

i want to et back to 17th, wowwwww it is the best age, i always miss it, it is the age of purity,kindness,and every thing is new, bas delwa2ty tab3an sen el 17 dah sen el en7eraf,bashoof banat 15 we 16 beye3meloh 7agat magro2sh a3melha now, BAS arga3 ba2a to the age of 9 years we keda la2, i like feeling that i'm a lady, but i'm still a kid anyway from my inside

Anonymous said...

ايه الصوره العسل دى جميل قوووووووووووى