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Thursday, October 30, 2008

490) The Fatal HomeWork !!!

What happened to the people, I can't beleive that teachers are killing their students specially Children!

I consider my students in masters/dipolma as my younger brothers and sisters and although age difference is less than 10 years but I feel responsible about them as long as they are in my class. How come when these students are children who really need? love, protection, and a role model, how come they get killed by their teacher because they didnt do their homework!!!!

I am really very Sad & Sorry for Islam (pic to the left) who was killed couple of days ago by his teacher!!

There must be a law/by-law against this attitude.



Only Love said...

Allah yerhamo wy yesabr ahlo isa.
but this teacher has to be severely punished to be an example for any other teacher thinking with this sick way.

Shimaa Gamal said...

This very incident shouldn't be let go easily. 1st it is not the 1st time someone die out of beating at school. 2nd I read the teacher's statements, he said that he'd beaten the boy not only because he didn't do his homework but because the class started mocking the teacher as he was blaming the boy so he just kicked him.
It is not just that a kid died, it is about millions of kids who don't die but they are unlucky enough to suffer lethal homeworks both at home and at school. Kids at all ages are getting beaten as a sort of punishment.
Officially, teachers are not allowed to use violent punishments with thier students, teachers need a way to reform those little devils so they just let the daemons inside them out.
We need laws to protect our children, and pyschological preparation for teachers, this teacher killed not because he wanted the best for Islam but because he actually couldn't control a group of kids, he was human and that human reacted with violence because he couldn't take one more pressure.
Unfortunately being human and weak doesn't give him the excuse of not using his brain but again unfortunately this guy will wake away with minimum punishment, darb afda illa moot in the best cases.