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Monday, October 6, 2008

482) The Egyptian Pride of October!

6th of October deserves more respect. It is not just a vacation or Show. We should really be proud and celebrate it as all other countries do with their national holidays.

A question: When will we be able to see a great movie about 6th of October like the tens of great movies about Worldwar II and even Nam War in early 70s?

Most of us were either just born or about to get born (my generation of 70s), and more than half of the Egyptian population was born after the 70s! which means that we really don't know what happened except from some simple and silly movies where the war was just something on the side of the story (except El 3omr La7za but this was before the war).



Frustrated said...

OK, I agree that we should deal with it in a more admirable way. But concerning the great movie, I don't know...I think producers are not going to take such an adventure as this movie will not attract the majority of the cinema audience, those who want a simple light silly movie out of "tatfeiet dema3'hom"

gjoe said...

Ommal why do I have a feeling that I had ENOUGH of 6th October. WHat this country need is not a recycled pride, but rather a new one, made by those same generation who know little about the 6th October Victory.

Begad Kefaya awy la7ad keda, 3ayzeen nefra7 be-engaz gedeed w yekoon be3eed 3an el koora, la7san el wa7ed ba2a ma2roof men kotr el hayafa

Mohaly said...

We had enough of the "B.S" they give us about 6th of October... awel tal3a gaweya, we ekhtarnak we baye3nak...what we need is this active spirit that turned us from a completely destroyed and disappointed country to victory in 6 years only!!

6 years... ya3nee 1 presidential term :)))

Shimaa Gamal said...

I agree, I believe that we need something to let the new Egyptians know about the 6th of october victory, not only to remember some national pride and how Egyptians managed to overcome a major defeat but also to make sure that this is the fact all Egyptians believe in as recently I discovered that more Egyptians are believing that we have lost that war and that Isral really gives away land out of charity.

snowdrop said...

yes..egypt must have a new pride.a pride built by young generations.youth in egypt must change..yhey have to choose agreat aim to achieve..to prove themselves true egyptions.we have to change ourselves,to enlighten our minds,to strengthen our power and get ready to develop our country.movies are not the key for this development but onr minds and hands.