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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

452) Manage Your Vacation - Eps.2 - When?!

When to take a vacation?

In such hectic world, planning your vacation is not an option anymore. If you don't plan your vacation ahead (I mean long vacation not 1 or 2 days), you will be at risk of not being able to make it.

Remember that most of the people especially in Egypt are not organized, so the more you are, and the more you have planned time, the more they will plan based on what you have already planned.

Another common mistake is that we prefer to take the vacation all at once (1 month for example) and that is totally wrong. Too much of a vacation leads to same effect of no vacation. You should have at least 2 vacations per year ( 3 is the best).

So when you plan a vacation, be smart and plan it so that you insure minimal interruption in order to have the optimum output:

1. It has to be a down timing or a time that there aren't major need for your presence at work so that you will not be interrupted during the vacation.

2. If you are going with family or friends; make sure that the timing you choose is suitable for all.
3. If you are travelling abroad, make sure that that is the best timing in your destination, and give enough time for the VISA, bookings...etc.

4. Last and not least, if you are travelling for example 7 days, you should take a 9 days vacation so that you have 1 day or preparing for and getting into the mode of vacation, and 1 day for preparing and getting into the mode of work in order to avoid the PVS..

What is the PVS? ... In the next and final episode about How to enjoy your vacation..



Shimaa Gamal said...

Post Vacational Syndrome?? :)

Mohaly said...

mesta3gela 3ala eih, next post :)