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Thursday, August 7, 2008

453) Manage Your Vacation - Eps. 3 - How?!

How to enjoy your vacation?

Some of us really know how to get the best of their vacations, while many are not!

To make the best use of your vacation, you should:

1. Know why are you taking it and plan it based on it (see post 451.
2. Know what are the right place to go in the right time and plan based on it (see post 452.
3. Do NOT work during your vacation (a working vacation is a complete schizophrenia)!
4. Plan for the vacation as if it is work, there nothing called I will be happy if I did nothing. This is against human nature.
5. Avoid getting boared, this can be achieved by doing stuff that you are not used to do in your working days; e.g sports, painting, visiting different or new places in your city, knowing new/old people...etc.
6. Avoid the PVS (Post Vacation Syndrome ; bravo ya Shaimaa) by:
a. Preparing the first day after return from work on the last day before you take your vacation. Make sure that you consider your state as well so don't take meetings or set deadlines on that day.
b. returning home at least 1 complete day before you are back to work, and use this day in preparing for work (like 7ogret mo3adelt el daght).


N.B. For my dear readers, these episodes are parts of my book (the forgotten wealth) so kindly if your want to copy or send them, please refer to me. Thank you.

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omar said...

that are cool tips, thanks Mo.