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Saturday, August 30, 2008

461) The Chinese Century!

I really want to express my deep appreciation for the Chinese people who taught the world a BIG lesson in dedication, discipline, and persistence.

Who on earth just 10 years ago could have believed that China will be able to beat the US and Russia who has been winning all the games since 50 years? The Chinese did, and made it true.

2008 Olympics will be a milestone, and it is just the threshold for the coming Chinese century.

I advise you to start reading about China because by the time our kids are in Junior High, China will be the key player along with Europe.

Will we learn from this people ANYTHING, ever?!


P.S. Sorry I wasnt in town and didnt have access last week.


omar said...

they are coming and sooner than we expect kaman

Geeee said...

yes we should learn to SHUT THE F** UP showia & work on something really useful for this country. We need to work & work hard with everyone to start developing this country again as we planned for years ago .. nothing is impossible