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Sunday, August 3, 2008

451) Manage Your Vacation - Eps. 1- Why?!

Why should you have a vacation?

Many of us just take the vacation either for granted or by default, and this is one of the main reasons we do not enjoy it to the full or may be do not enjoy it aslan.

Vacations are like work, they have goals and things to do but different than work in nature and not the importance.

Vacations are taken for 3 main reasons that can contain sub-reasons as well:

1. To have a passive rest of doing nothing and discharge mind and body (i.e. Sleeping, eating, resting; i.e. Antakha)

2. To explore different worlds that the default or the routine you are used to (travelling, doing difference/crazy stuff, i.e Entelak)

3. To get out the energy (playing, gym, sports,...etc).

The problem comes when we take a vacation without knowing which of these reasons is the real reason for the vacation, even if a mix of the reasons. So it ends up doing something different and not feel the needed satisfaction, or even feel worse. E.g.: you travel and have fun while you need to rest, when you are back, you be happy about the fun and change, but will still be tired and want to rest in order to regain the strength needed for work, and vice-versa.

So when do what? that is our next episode in-shaa-Allah...



gjoe said...

A7san wa7ed ya7'od agaza a3rafoh is my dad! He is really a vacation planner. Lazem yes7a men 7 ossbo7 3ashan ya7'od el yoom men awelloh, he has to have a written program for the vacation days, scheduled outings and stuff to try out. He has to have a "meal of the place", ya3ny law fe alex yeb2a lazem nakol el samak beta3 alex w hakaza..When on vacation my dad is rather on a "mission": Have FUN TO THE MAX!

Mohaly said...

that is the best way to have a vacation. I do that and I enjoy it to the max. Salute to your dad :)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Coming from a project oriented background, I am accustomed to planning every aspect of my life - something I have been criticized by numeriously. Nevertheless I have achieve high benefits in my life from this constent planning, more so during vacations. Time off is so valuable yet short, therefore we need to make sure that we get the nost benefit from our vacations. So a little pre-vaca planning will come in handt later ;)

kochia said...

هحاول استفيد