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Friday, August 1, 2008

450) Manage Your Vacation Series Intro !

AUGUST is here, it is the month of vacation for almost everyone whether a student, employee, or even doing nothing!
But did you ever stop and think about Why do you need vacation, When you need it, and What kind of vacation I need most now?

This short series about Vacation Management (3 episodes: Why, When, and What/How) running during the 1st week of August, will be discussing this very important issue specially Egyptians who don't know how to really get the best out of their vacations.

Anyway, I hope it will help you if you are having a vacation whether in August or even next year.


P.S. As promised in post 432 I will start the What Women Want - Male perspective series, but I found that talking about managing our vacations is more relative to August. I will start What Women Want and finish it in August before Ramadan.


kochia said...

اكيد بفكرت امتي بحتاج الاجازة
بحتاجها لما ببقي خلاص حاسة ان قدرتي علي العطاء واقفة
الاجازة بتجدد شحن الانسان اذا اجيز قول ذلك
واكيد شهر اغطسطس الاكثر حرارة والحر عندي له اخلاق
بسميها اخلاق الصيف او اخلاق الزحام
الناس بتكون مش طايقة بعض
السؤال التالت ايه ؟
ازاي بقي اقضي الاجازة دي اللي مش بعرف اعملها خالص
ودايما الاجازة بتبوظ مني

موضوع لطيف

Geeee said...

nice topic mohaly :D I've stumpled it enjoy ;)