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Saturday, August 16, 2008

457) The Gumus (Noor) Mania !

I usually don't judge stuff before experiencing it, and hence, I didn't want to write about Gumus or Noor Soap Opera before at least watching an episode which I finally did, and I even couldnt finish it.

I have nothing against the series itself, although I find it VERY boarding (Bold & the Beautiful style), but what I really don't like about it the insanity and the way Arab people dealing with it. I can simply say I HATE it because of: (from least important to most important)

1. It is taking much more area in our lives and discussions than it deserves. "Eshal" Noor on TV, magazine, newspapers, talks, ads, video clips,...etc...Just too much.
2. It makes girls look silly with their un-justified mania about Mehmet (Mohannad in the Arabic version of the series; although it means Mohamed in Turkish!). Nice romantic model, so what, not the first, not the last!
3. It encourages the Arabs to show the "Safah" part in our culture; e.g. Kuwati business man decided to have his wedding in the Villa Mohannad and Noor are living in and invited the audience (including tickets from and back to Kuwait).
4. Egypt lost a lot of cash coming from Arab Tourism that shifted to Turkey this summer (actually I blame the zillion Egyptian TV productions here coz they couldn't attract Arabs as Turkish Noor did).
5. It caused A LOT of problems and broke up families (3 divorces and counting)!

I can't -and I don't have the right - to say Stop Noor and Boycott Noor as Saudi's did, but we should:
1. Study why did it succeed to that extent.
2. Make use of that in empowering our productions.
3. Dig into the real causes of the problems (in relations, tourism,...etc).
4. Put it in its real size, we kefaya Noor ba2a, coz I am afraid someday I open the fridge and find Noor Ad!



Emy Aly said...

I disagree with you, you know what most of the arab girls liked noor coz we found in this series the lost love we are searching for and want to have it with the one we love but we don't.
we also love mohanad because he knew how to love his wife and treat her like a queen. and this way no one of you do it at all.

amina said...

you focused on one point only EMY but what about the other negative effects MOHALY mentioned?
I am a girl and I agree with you that many Arab men do not know how to pamper their wives, but do you think other nations are better, a BIG no.
Mohannad is a fiction, and men can do that sometimes but not always. If you are expecting to find this continous care, you are dreaming.

amina said...

other than girls attachement to Mohannad, I see it a very good analysis and action plan ya Mohaly.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Actually, I didn't watch the series and I am not even curious to do. This whole mania will fade the same way the girls' obbessesion with Ridge Foster faded.
Anyway, the space that Noor thing is taking reflects how shallow the Arab media is. Which might lead us to wonder what is the real purpose of the media sector, is it giving the public elly yelheehom wala raise the public' awarness.

gjoe said...

It is nice to hear from Noor watchers their point of view.

Bass seriously ya emy, I want to tell you that there is no prince charming. I repeat, there is no prince charming. I know that you might find me a pessimist, bas actually I am rather realistic. Lack of prince charming is is not a very bad thing by the way. Don't ever compare real men with a fictional character like that of Mohanad. Do you have any idea how much thought, effort, and time does it take a whole crew of show-preparers to "make up" such a character? What you see on TV is actually hard work, people squeezing their brains to make Mohhanad repeat romantic lines to his wife. Please.

W ba3deen girls loving Mohannad 3ashan bey3raf yeddla3 meratoh, is just as lame as guys loving Haifaa/Nancy/Whoever 3ashan they can dress up and look much attractive than their wives. Do you honestly believe that this is a fair comparison?
The "lost love" that you are talking about is rather "non-existent love". What is more likely to be found is 7osn el mo3amla, loyalty, patience and appreciation. Mesh 7obb w sahtana w kalam fady. =)

insomniac said...

well, i was gonna say what Gjoe said almost word by word!

i would have preferred if i had watched at least an episode of noor b4 giving my 2 cents, but i was strongly advised against from a friend who knows my criteria of assessment :)

makes me wonder tho, is it just the deteriorating appreciation for arts, wala like what emy said, the hope for a better "love"!! does it mean that poor media production can get away with lousy script only because it gives people a false illusion they need, makes me question how ppl define art!!!

Yasmine said...

TV was never about art, it's about number of viewers, so this show isnt any different.

the media cares about what will bring them money, not about enriching people's minds and culture. u want something useful, watch the discovery channel, or national geographic.

from the viewers' point of view, especially us egyptians, i think it's an escape. a fairytale story like this is a good escape from everyday life's harshness and disappointment, especially during the current bad days.

remember people were that much obsessed with the bold and the beautiful when it came out, and everyone was watching it daily, even though it was boring as hell!

personally, i never watched it, but my 11 yr old cousin follows it daily. that tells me something about how "deep" it is :D

as for lost love and expectations. one thing i learned, if you think what happens in the movies and tv shows can happen to you, you're in for one hell of a disappointment :)