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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

459) The Forbidden Pizza !!

Couple of days ago an Arab friend asked me where to go eat in Zamalek after mid-night, I told him of course Maison Thomas it is 24/7 since it was opened. El Mohem he went there at 2:20 am and asked for the Menu, and surprizingly the waiter told them that they wont be able to serve the menu inside the restaurant, but they can take "to-go" or take-away as we say in Egypt. When my friend asked for the reason, they told him that there is a high profile official who moved to the neighborhood and hence for security reasons they cant have people in the restaurant after 2am till 7am!!!
Tab3an it didn't take much guessing from hime to know that this official is Mr.Gamal Mubarak. But the things I don't get till now:
1. How does my friend's Margareta affect the security of Gamal Mubarak?
2. Why is it safe for Gamal Mubarak to eat Pizza in-Thomas @12:30am and not @2:30am, what is the difference?
3. Is this applicable to all kind of pizza, ya3nee if my friend wanted SeaFood Pizza, would it have make any difference?

If someone knows the answers to my questions about the "POLITICAL PIZZA", please let me know!!!!!!!!

Ana go3t 3ala seeret el pizza, bas etsadet nefsee mesh 3aref leeh ;)


bo2bo2 said...

allaaahhh ana fe3lan sa3eed belnezam wl amn fe baladna

kan fe bardo 7ad me3addy fe alex men youmeen we kano 2afleen el kornish

akeed ay 7ad gah eskendria ye3raf belzabt ya3ny eh ye2felo el courniche fe eskendria...

7asbya allah wa ne3ma al wakil...

gjoe said...

You mean you can't actually see the relation of your friend's pizza with gamal mubarak's security?!

deh bayna zay el shams..le daraget enn el shams darba fe 3eeny w maba2tesh shayfa el 3elaqa..

Just a reader said...

The sound which the customers will produce when chewing the pizza will wake Jimmy and Dija up.

حكمت فعدلت فأمنت فنمت يا عمر

omar said...

hehe just a reader reminds me of the story of the heksos governor who sent to the pharohs asking them to shut up their animals in Luxor coz it wake him up in Delta :)