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Thursday, August 21, 2008

460) Egypt is On Fire not only Shura Council !

I am really sad to see part of our history gone within hours....

I can see the fire blaze that has eaten up the Egyptian upper house of Parliament as a symbol of the Egyptian scene:

1. No Precautions.
2. No Planning.
3. Silly Chaotic Reactions from officials and people.
4. No Corrective / Preventive Attitude.

The whole of Egypt is on fire not only the Shura council, we don't learn from our mistakes, and tomorrow there will be another, and another, and another disasters...

We didn't learn from Opera House, or Cultural Center, or the Train...etc, We didn't learn from El 3abara or Zelzal...and will never learn as long as we are behaving this way.

We need to stop and think:

1. What went wrong?
2. How can we make it right?
3. How to maintain and develop.

Without answering these questions and TAKING actions, Egypt may soon be on fire like in Jan 1952!! and I really don't want to live and see that day!



the egyptian said...

The Shura Council is the upper house . Its name roughly translates into English as "the Consultative Council". The Council was created in 1980 through a Constitutional Amendment. The Council is composed of 264 members of which 174 members are directly elected and the 88 are appointed by the President of the Republic for six-year terms. Membership is rotating, with one half of the Council renewed every three years. The Shura Council's legislative powers are limited. On most matters of legislation, the People's Assembly retains the last word in the event of a disagreement between the two houses.

Mona said...

I am sorry I was not following the news in Egypt. I realize it's a week late question but I still was curious to know what the cause of the fire was.

Sorry for the loss.