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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

456) Mauritania : Gat El 7azina Terfa7 !!

I really cant find better than this colloquial proverb to describe democracy in the Arab World. After we considered Mauritania a new promising democratic model and the Arab India of democracy, a sever and fatal drop happened after going back to the military actions!

I think the only happy people are the non-Democratic Arab leaders who will consider it a proof that "el democratia matenfa3sh ma3 el 3arab"!

we kol enkilab wentom taybeen :(



gjoe said...

LOOOL!! Howa dah el masal elly fe baly bezzabt!

wenta tayeb :)

omar said...

"kan 7elm gameel we kheles besor3a" as fouad el mohandes said in Ard El Nifaq