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Sunday, August 31, 2008

462) Political Olympics & Masturbation!!

With the wonderful race taking place between the Democrats and Republicans, I am overwhelmed with 2 thoughts:

1. The Olympics is not over, may be on the sports side, but there is definitely a "Political Olympics" taking place in the US where some Olympic records will be scored (African President, Female Ms. America vice-president nominee, ...etc).

2. Watching this race for Egyptians is like watching a porno movie while you are a single teenager, you get aroused but you can't turn it into satisfactory action (having real sex), and probably end up masturbating!
Can say that in Egypt we are watching the "Hot" American Race and "masturbating"?!


P.S. I wanna VOOOOOOOTE ;)


omar said...

gamda ya mohaly :)

Anonymous said...

masterbation ????? obama mccain bidan palin arousal yuck....they are the exact opposite of arousal.

omar said...

anonymous, u didnt get mohaly's point

it is a meta, an example, it doesnt mean we get aroused on them, but politically aroused and wanna do something but we end doing nothing coz we have no healthy and straight political life.

Anonymous said...

I know just like joe bidan i subsist on a steady diet of coffee and sarcasm.

ramadan kareem